Annik Siranosian is the CEO, owner and creator of one of the most fashionable sustainable shoe lines ANNIK &

by Thewoodpr

All its design models are made with materials that love the planet, with recycled, renewable and vegan materials. Its original designs are characterized by being ultra-light, comfortable. Modern and up-to-date for anyone’s daily life.

The brand brings awareness, fashion, comfort and design to everyone at a very good price. From size 12 to 29. inspired by daily activity from the most comfortable point of view with the greatest style and chic touch.

The line creates from flip flops, tennis, casual shoes, heels and boots providing the latest fashion styles and trends with sustainable manufacturing and vegan materials. One of the family oriented aspect of ANNIK & Is that you can find pretty much all shoe sizes from toddles to grown up Mom and Dad so the whole n family can share the same style or pair and group with each other depending the ocasiones.

Thousands of different models from tennis, flip-flops, boots, shoes and high heels with the latest fashion trends.

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