Moodeaux Founder Brianna Arps Cracks the Code to Blending Scent, Skincare, and Self-Care

by Ivy June

Brianna Arps, Moodeaux is the first Black-owned fragrance brand at Credo Beauty. Fonder Brianna Arps had a vision for a clean, luxury fragrance  that is toxin free.

In a post pandemic world, more and more companies such as Moodeaux are popping up as people are valuing their health as true wealth. Living in a toxic-free, chemical-free environment while implementing ways to live healthier such as through good food and water is key for most people. 

Just a few weeks ago, the longest living person as recorded in the U.S., Bessie Hendricks, passed away at age 115. We want to live long and healthy.

Arps came up with this amazing idea and is already popular because of what it represents. The brand’s toxin-free formulation philosophy is to its overall mission to promote self-care. This positioning instantly sets it apart from its traditional counterparts.

Check out Moodeaux https://www.moodeauxofficial.site

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