Nina Mitchell Launches New Podcast “They Just Don’t Understand” – Unveiling Unheard Stories


In a world where the clamor of mainstream narratives often drowns out the quieter, more personal tales of life’s intricacies, one podcast aims to shift the focus back to those unheard voices. “They Just Don’t Understand,” spearheaded by Nina Mitchell, a mother, grandmother, and retired electrician with a business-oriented mindset and hustler mentality, is the latest entrant in the burgeoning podcast scene. It promises an intimate exploration into the lives of individuals whose stories are seldom heard, offering them a platform to share their journeys and the decisions that shaped them.

Nina’s venture into podcasting was not an overnight decision. With years spent in contemplation about her next move post-retirement, Anderson found herself at a crossroads during the global pandemic. Reflecting on her life and career led her to realize the potential impact her voice could have. “I had to do some deep soul-searching about what I wanted to do. I used to think, ‘No one wants to hear what I have to say’. When Covid hit, I did some videos to put myself out there, and it led me to where I am now being at the right place at the right time. Everything is timing though; I had to do a lot of self-work and self-healing. It wasn’t my turn until now,” she muses on her journey towards creating “They Just Don’t Understand.”


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The essence of this podcast lies in its name—focusing on people who don’t think through their actions or whose actions are misunderstood by society at large. Each episode promises a deep dive into personal narratives that go beyond surface-level assumptions, aiming for empathy rather than judgment. The format involves candid interviews with guests from diverse backgrounds who are willing to open up about their life experiences—mistakes made, lessons learned, and wisdom gained.

Her approach is unique; she combines her rich life experience as an electrician—a field dominated by men—with her innate ability to listen and empathize with others’ stories. This combination ensures that each episode is not just engaging but also infused with understanding and respect for every guest’s journey.

“They Just Don’t Understand” seeks not only to entertain but also educate its listeners about the complexities of human behavior and decision-making processes. By highlighting stories that deviate from societal norms or expectations, Anderson hopes to challenge preconceived notions and foster a culture of understanding and acceptance among her audience.

The podcast also serves as an important reminder that everyone has their story—one that deserves recognition and respect regardless of societal judgment or misunderstanding. Through her interviews with guests who have felt marginalized or overlooked by mainstream narratives, Anderson sheds light on these individual paths in a way that resonates deeply with listeners seeking authenticity and connection in today’s digital age.

Moreover, Nina Mitchell’s presence on social media platforms like Instagram (@widowzoil and @ninamitchellpodcast) provides an additional layer of engagement for fans of “They Just Don’t Understand.” Through posts about upcoming episodes or behind-the-scenes insights into her process of selecting guests and topics, she maintains an active dialogue with her audience—inviting feedback, suggestions, and even potential guest recommendations.

As “They Just Don’t Understand” continues to gain traction within podcast circles and beyond, its success speaks volumes about Nina Mitchell’s vision—to create a space where everyone feels heard no matter how unconventional their story might be. It stands as a testament not only to the power of storytelling but also demonstrates how resilience combined with genuine curiosity about others can lead one down previously unexplored yet immensely rewarding paths.

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Check out the first episode: https://youtu.be/eU2a92oVIsA

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