Introducing the 2024 50 Over 50: EMEA List

Introducing the 2024 50 Over 50: EMEA List: Celebrating Women's Impact and Influence Beyond 50


In a world where age often dictates societal norms and expectations, a recent graphic circulating on feminist corners of social media has sparked conversation. The graphic highlights a striking statistic: 80% of the Forbes list of the World’s Most Powerful Women is over the age of 50. This statistic serves as a powerful reminder that women not only thrive but also make their most significant contributions in the second half of their lives.

Olajumoke Adenowo has been called Africa’s “starchitect,” and is breaking gender barriers in the male-dominated world of architecture.AD CONSULTING

This week, in collaboration with Mika Brzezinski’s Know Your Value initiative, we unveiled the third annual 50 Over 50: EMEA list. This prestigious compilation recognizes and celebrates the achievements of founders, CEOs, humanitarians, and trailblazers across Europe, the Middle East, and Africa who are reshaping industries and driving positive change.

Among the remarkable individuals featured on the 2024 50 Over 50: EMEA list are familiar faces and unsung heroes alike. Renowned author Bonnie Garmus, aged 66 and based in the U.K., continues to captivate readers with her debut novel, “Lessons in Chemistry,” which has dominated bestseller charts since its release in 2022. Graça Machel, a 78-year-old humanitarian and former First Lady of Mozambique and South Africa, has dedicated her life to initiatives such as Girls Not Brides and advocacy for women’s financial empowerment in Africa.

The list also introduces lesser-known yet equally inspiring figures, such as Olajumoke Adenowo, a 55-year-old Nigerian architect breaking gender barriers in her field as a “starchitect.” Elena Garcia Armada, aged 52, is a Spanish roboticist who founded a company dedicated to enhancing the performance of legged robots and lower-limb exoskeletons, revolutionizing mobility assistance technology.

These women, along with many others featured on the 50 Over 50: EMEA list, exemplify resilience, innovation, and unwavering dedication to driving progress and fostering positive change in their respective fields. As we continue to challenge stereotypes and redefine societal expectations, let us draw inspiration from their remarkable journeys and celebrate the power and influence of women beyond the age of 50.

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