Embarking on a Journey of Perseverance: The Inspirational Entrepreneurial Journey of Leezy


Luxury Booking, a high-end rental service catering to the video production industry, is the brainchild of the industrious and ambitious female entrepreneur Leezy. Starting out as a receptionist in a hotel, Leezy recognized an opportunity and created a thriving business providing top-notch services for video shoots, making the leap from receptionist to renowned entrepreneur.

Leezy’s entrepreneurial journey began when she was working as a casting director in the modeling industry. During this time, she noticed a growing demand for location cars. Seeing an opportunity to expand her service offerings and create a business that met these demands, she leveraged her experience and industry contacts to include rental cars and book models for video shoots, thus laying the foundations for Luxury Booking.

Born in French Guyana and having lived for 11 years in Paris, Leezy is a French woman of African descent. Her diverse cultural background not only informs her vibrant personality but is also a constant source of inspiration. Determined to break the mold and shed stereotypes, Leezy fuels her desire to succeed as an entrepreneur with undying determination and unwavering faith. She sees her journey as a testament that one can overcome any obstacles and achieve their goals irrespective of their cultural background.

Not only does Leezy focus on her entrepreneurial journey, but she also emphasizes the importance of her role as a mother. Maintaining a balance between her work commitments and her family responsibilities is a challenge, but she believes in finding the right equilibrium. Self-care figures prominently in Leezy’s routine – a daily workout serves as a channel to maintain her physical and mental well-being, offering her space for reflection and rejuvenation.

What sets Leezy apart is her unwavering commitment to client satisfaction. She prides herself on providing exceptional service, often going above and beyond to meet her clients’ expectations. Leezy firmly believes that a strong reputation and satisfied clients are the building blocks of success in the competitive business landscape.

Leezy’s entrepreneurial journey is a source of inspiration for aspiring entrepreneurs. With her radiant tenacity and refusal to be swayed by others’ opinions, she urges others to remain unbowed and follow their dreams. Recognizing that the path to success requires time, she emphasizes the essential elements of determination and patience.

In her words, “Just follow your dream. Just don’t listen to what people tell you to do. Because I feel like it stops you, you know. I mean, I used to take so much risk and it paid off. I mean, sometimes you know, you fail in everything, but if you believe about your dream life is going to pay off anyways.”

Today, Luxury Booking stands as a testament to Leezy’s ambitious spirit, unwavering dedication, and fervent belief in turning dreams into reality. As a successful entrepreneur, she continues to provide top-tier services in the video production industry, leaving no stone unturned in satisfying her clients’ needs. Setting an example for others, Leezy’s inspiring journey paints a powerful picture; a representation of the possibility of achieving one’s dreams when armed with perseverance, faith, and an unwavering belief in oneself.

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