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The IRS Codes have your back in taxes.

by Ivy June

The IRS Codes have over 73,000 pages and only 522 of them are relevant to personal income taxes.  There are 143 million people who find themselves receiving a 1099 or who are small business owners or who are in the medical profession.  We would like to share how economic empowerment is a choice.  You can do better when you know better.  It is our intent to show that we can all do  better.

Do you like to pay taxes?

What could you do with an extra $74,458,  if you are single, or $94,645 if you are married?

What if inflation is actually a gift?

Use the US Internal Revenue Codes to legally pay only what you owe, and not a penny more.

What would you do if you thought you were failing only to find out that you were actually succeeding?

Meet Humorist, engaging, contributing writer, author, and transformational, pragmatic speaker Beverly Neal-Clinton who is best known for using her intuitive, common sense and creative imagery to peel away confusion and provide clarity by tapping into what creates the most dynamic change when problems arise.

Beverly’s journey started in South Carolina and has taken her all around the world to Australia, New Zealand, Costa Rica and now living in New Mexico. Her previous employment included working at Los Alamos National Laboratory providing support to over 400 customers within three divisions ensuring that their physical, cyber, and personnel matters are addressed based on their individual needs. Her 40 plus years of experience comprise of being a United States Marine, and internationally certified stenographer and voice court reporter, and small business owner.


Academically, Beverly holds an MBA in Information Technology Management as well as her BS in Information Technology with an emphasis in Security. She holds numerous awards and certifications which incorporate all areas of human development from mediation, facilitation, restorative justice. She is a serial entrepreneur, and she hopes to spread her infectious ambition to others to create a financial renaissance through education and execution. She serves her community through organizations such as Leadership Los Alamos and as a form Commissioner of the Planning and Zoning Commission for Los Alamos. Beverly’s love of language, words, culture, consciousness, and humanity contribute to embodying a new way of living that she eagerly shares through her own life experiences and the new ones created when she is invited into your world.

Beverly’s desire is to have the TaxZERO Plan constructed for her personal use. When this plan is applied it raises your spendable capital by nearly 70%. Thus, thoroughly eliminating any impact of inflation whatsoever in your life. The TZP will allow single people to pay ZERO TAX on their first $74,458 of income while married people will pay ZERO TAX on $94,645. You will have a pension plan ($41,000 allowable annual contribution) for both you and your spouse.

Additional Benefits

*Children will have deductible college funds and IRA’s.

*Section 105 medical plan.

*And when gas is $6-7 a gallon, you will write-off the cost of gas, your car payment, insurance, tires, maintenance, repairs and tolls.

*Your home office allows deduction of a substantial portion of your rent or mortgage.

*You will also enjoy other numerous write-offs for business expenses such as travel. meals, entertainment, continuing education held on a cruise ship and the family business meeting held in the Magic Kingdom.

*Tax-deductible groceries will be another channel of your learning segment.


And dozens of other tax-reducing strategies.

The tax plan we craft for you comes strictly from the U.S. Tax Code and is completely annotated with the IRC Codes of validation..

The one-time cost of this plan is $949 and that includes lifetime FREE updates.

Here is their 100% + GUARANTEE:

If you do not have a minimum of $26,000 of new deductions, let us know and we will return twice the price of the TaxZERO Plan to you. Fair enough?


Check out Beverly and The IRS codes at the links below!






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