Lama Amin: From Medicine to Healing Touch A Journey of Transformation


Photo by Zachariah Schmitt

Massage therapist and healer Lama Amin remembers from a very young age wanting to be a doctor. Originally from Egypt, her parents came to the United States to achieve the American dream and provide their family with the best opportunities. Knowing she wanted to be a healer, she would watch videos of open heart surgeries or anything she could get her hands on. 

When she was older it was time to join medical school and enter the workforce. During med school, Lama worked in a neurologist’s office doing EEG testing measuring brainwave activity. Lama was up against another woman for the same job but she was given the position and the woman was given another position, which bore sore feelings with the other person in line. However, years later this dynamic would change.

Lama learned all that she could through med school and while she was working there. “When the nervous system isn’t working, nothing else will,” she noted. They would test people with traumas, migraine headaches, behavioral issues, and seizures. 

One day out of love, Lama decided to start massaging the girl she previously head-to-head with for the job. The girl had been mean to her the last 6 years and even that day, so Lama put her “magic fingers” on her shoulders. The girl told Lama it felt amazing, and in that moment, Lama felt more direction on what she wanted to do, especially because she desired to work as her own boss. Right then she received an epiphany that she should do massage for celebrities on video and movie shoots. She immediately called the best massage school that was a block away and happened to be have an open house. She enrolled that night. Up until this point she said “All I saw was sickness and pain in what I was doing. I couldn’t do anything to help the pain.” However, she put together that massaging goes hand-in-hand with what they were doing at the office, and she started massaging people. 

It took one year to get the massage license after enrolling while continuing to work in neurology. After she received her license, they closed her department in neurology. Although Lama ended up working at the neurology office for 6 years, she was about to embark on an entirely new journey with her newfound passion.

One day she’s driving down Ventura Boulevard in Los Angeles and they were filming outside on the street. She decided to park and get out of the car to check it out. Some guy noticed her and said, “Hey you look cute who are you?” He took her to the Assistant Director of the film and she discussed giving massages. They asked if she had her stuff and it took off from there. That movie being filmed was Clueless. They really loved Lama and asked her to come back to Paramount Pictures. The hair and makeup department really liked her as well, and booked her on LL Cool J’s show. Then she started branching out doing Moesha, The Wayans Brothers, the Jamie Foxx show, and many more opportunities were flowing her way. 

Because of Lama’s famous touch, they started giving her the name “magic fingers”. People would say to Lama  “How do you know how to do this?”. The demand for Lama continued to grow and grow. “Samuel L. Jackson was doing Negotiator the movie and next thing you know I’m on his set,” she reminisced. “I also did Enemy of the State with Will Smith, and then my first tour, the Evolution Tour with Boys II Men.” Next, Will Smith wanted her for Wild Wild West and she was working with different artists and actors on different sets. Rap artists like Lil Kim, Busta Rhymes, Jay-Z, Beyonce, P. Diddy, and all of Bad Boy have all been clients. A lot of her time was taken by working with Mariah Carey for 18 years and doing 4 tours with her, giving her the opportunity to travel all over the world. When she finally got a break she joined Justin Timberlake on his Justified Tour. 

Lama became very well-known among celebrities. “Puff and Dream would call, and people would fight over me,” she laughed. She also had the opportunity to join Puff and Snoop Dogg’s tours. “It was non-stop,” she explained. At another point, she got Rihanna, Jennifer Hudson, and Justin Bieber all the same time. 

On the spiritual aspect of all this, what Lama has noticed is that she’s been placed in these people’s lives when they’re at the highest peak in their careers. Lama stressed that it’s more than a simple massage. “You have to heal all three of these: the mind, body, and spirit because they’re all holding a thought-behavioral program, which gets stuck in the body.”  She recalled a few different incidents where people were injured and due to her quickness and skills, people were healed. There was a time while on set for In the House with LL Cool J, and the supporting actress was hit on the head before she had to go live. People were scrambling trying to figure out what to do because the girl had a knot on her forehead the size of a golf ball. Lama wasn’t sure she could help but after working on the bump for three minutes, to her amazement and everyone else who was watching, the bump was gone. The actress was so grateful to Lama for the help because now she could go record live rather than the show being ruined. Lama knew at that point she had a healing gift and wasn’t aware of her gifts before this moment. While working on Enemy of the State, a guy got hit on his head. Lama asked if she could work on his head, and then the next day the bump was gone. Another time, Justin Timberlake fell through a piano, and she helped his head injury too. 

Lama became associated with the Dr. Amen Clinic. Through working with Dr. Amen, she understood that head injuries can cause a lot of behavioral characteristics and sent many clients to him who are looked at as ADD or Bipolar but they’re not. It’s due to injury to the brain from trauma which we can see through SPECT imaging.  “Doctor Amen says, ‘heal your brain, heal your life’, and has been on Dr. Phil numerous times,” she said. She is currently pursuing her brain certification with him.

“After the reason, the season, or the lifetime, I move on,” she said. Lama is intent on fulfilling her purpose and waiting for the next assignment. Once she finds out what the problem is, she fixes it with natural remedies. Lama’s overall goals are bigger than herself. She went on to say, “There’s a lot of mental illness happening with people, and I’d like to help with this, such as Bipolar, ADD, and Depression. We can change things and it’s beautiful.”

Photo by Zachariah Schmitt

Lama truly dives deep to get to the bottom of how people are operating and how their bodies respond. In the first place, she encourages people to pay attention to how they talk to themselves. She says to ask yourself this, “‘What are you thinking and what words do you say to yourself?’ When your thoughts are negative, dis-ease will show up in the body..” She also said, “I’ve learned that when it comes to listening to how people speak and healing, why would we use low-frequency words? The beginning of disease in your body and in your life is because you program yourself. You have so much energy that you’re the creator of, and there’s nothing outside of you creating your life.” 

Kids get programmed between the ages of 0-7 by schools and their parents. Their EEG brainwaves are at theta waves which is the imaginary stage, where their brains and behaviors are easily programmable. Then they grow up to be adults with these programs along with the traumas of growing up which create our reality. Lama said, “Emotional traumas are stored in the muscles as a program. These traumas soak up energy and have you running on a program over and over again, siphoning a lot of energy. It’s like a virus in a computer slowing you down and having you make repetitive life decisions over and over again.” When Lama works on you, she’s called “magic fingers” because she’s able to find those traumas and tell you what those traumas are that are running in the background. She helps you cut contracts, delete them, and reprogram them. Jennifer Lawrence says, “When she touches you, it’s like a ray of sunshine coming through her fingertips.” The gift is taking the energy out of the trauma. By helping people diffuse the muscles she can facilitate removing those negative feelings and programming. She leaves us with this last gold nugget, “Everyone has free will and your free will is yours. I can tell you what it is and still go with the same program. It’s totally up to you because you’re creating and you can delete it. We’re computers basically and our emotions are neuropeptides. Release these out of the body and out of the spirit. I want to help people become free”.

Find Lama Amin on IG @lamaamin888

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