Vanessa Valente: Leader by Example and A Guide in Charity Peaceful Pathways


Vanessa Valente, deeply compassionate and empathetic, has always been spurred by her ingrained desire to create meaningful connections and elicit a positive influence. Her genuine interest in hearing people’s stories stems from her distinct ability to deeply feel and understand the emotions of others. The seeds of her aspiration to empower women began to sprout during a small gathering she attended at church, where Vanessa realized her calling to support women in their journey towards healing and restoration from their traumas. This experience sparked a fire within her, pushing her to curate a safe and empowering environment where women can seek support.

As honing communication skills was a key part of Vanessa’s career path, she has always been no stranger to public speaking. From her early involvement in school plays to her consistent professional endeavors, she steadily augmented her ability to enrapture an audience. Every engagement she had with the public was a chance to connect more deeply with the masses, thus helping her refine her oratory skills.

For Vanessa, daily affirmations, conversations with God, and small self-care rituals hold the mantle for ensuring her well-being. The power of the spoken word is not lost on her, as she believes that verbalizing positive affirmations weaves neurological pathways that can mold our thoughts and actions. For Vanessa, daily prayers are an opportunity for some quiet reflection – a necessity in today’s chaotic world. Surprisingly, she also emphasized the significance of overlooked self-care rituals, such as daily skincare before bed or taking care of her feet, which have profound effects on her confidence.

Vanessa acknowledges that her early life experiences and witnessing her mother’s struggles with stress were significant parts of her transformation. The childhood hardships she experienced fueled her desire to experience life through a different lens – one filled with joy and fulfillment. Hence, these daunting experiences are her constant reminder to never relent and always aim for growth. 

A spark ignited within Vanessa. It wasn’t in a grand pulpit, but a quiet church circle where women shared their scars and whispered hopes. Witnessing their resilience woke her to society’s silent battles, and Vanessa knew she had to act. So, Peaceful Pathways bloomed, a sanctuary for grieving and hurt souls to navigate their storms. The power of that safe harbor wouldn’t be contained. Through her own initiatives, Vanessa’s mission echoed: to build havens where hope could mend even the deepest wounds.

Vanessa attributes her highly polished communication skills to her love for reading. She posits that being versatile and adaptable comes from being exposed to various forms of writing, expanding their wisdom and knowledge. She emphasizes the cruciality of being adept at balancing adaptability and versatility for any aspiring public speaker, as this dynamic quality allows them to connect more effectively with diverse audiences. Vanessa is eager to utilize her strong communication abilities advocating for women. Her rhetorical versatility will aid her in making positive impacts after years of refining her eloquent yet adaptable speaking style. Vanessa is thrilled to enter the next chapter of her career leveraging her love of reading and mastery of the spoken word.

Interestingly, Vanessa didn’t shy away from expressing her sheer belief in the power of reading. She makes a striking point, stating, “Reading is so important. There’s so much knowledge to be gained even just from reading sentence structures, grammar syntax, your form of communication is so incredibly important to how you’re perceived… whether you’re respected or not. Whether people are quiet when you start talking. It’s an underrated skill, but reading books, it just adds to your depth, your breath, your experience, your knowledge, your wisdom.”

Vanessa’s journey, far from being a trajectory of only highs, has been one of grit, courage, and indomitable spirit, to say the least, yet this has only deepened her resolve. Her experiences and perspectives foster her unflinching commitment to supporting women and bring about a positive societal transformation. To dive into her world, visit her website www.linktr.ee/vanillaknowsbest or her Instagram page at www.linktr.ee/vanillaknowsbest. Each click will bring you one step closer to a woman who is passionate, resilient, and a symbol of unwavering strength.

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