Workwear for Different Industries

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Dressing for the workplace isn’t always the most exciting, and that’s putting it nicely. Workwear has a tendency to be dull, uncomfortable, and unflattering, but it doesn’t need to be that way. Every industry is different, so we’ve broken down workwear for each category.


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If you work in sales, you likely have to dress in a business professional manner. Ensure your trousers are flattering – tapered pairs are currently on trend and work for a variety of body types. Add a bold, colorful, or patterned blouse, and finish the look with some classic pumps. Now you look good while you make the next sale.


black and white woman workwear

The finance industry typically dresses quite professionally and with little color. Lucky for you, the apparel market is full of textured options in black and white. Tweed never fails, and ruffles or pleats always add flare. Add in this dimension and you’ll no longer feel as though you’re wearing the same outfit day after day.


denim merchandizing workwear

For all of our merchants out there, you probably have a more relaxed workwear standard, but these waters are still tricky to navigate. Denim is probably in your rotation, so throw on a distress-free pair with a jewel-tone sweater and top it with a sleek hairstyle. This look allows you to be trendy and expressive while still professional enough for the office.


No matter where you work, you don’t need to sacrifice looking good. Professionalism can remain expressive – allow yourself to experiment, but keep an appropriate look in mind for your position.

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