Working Mom and Creative Andrea Jenkins Shares What Contributes to Her Success

by Ivy June

Meet Andrea Jenkins, a full time mom also working in Ad Sales, Influencing, and Writing. To say Andrea is a hustler is an understatement when it comes to how hard she works and the way she operates to reach her goals while simultaneously balancing social and family life. 

Andrea says being “a quick thinker with a creative mind” contributes to her effectiveness. “Every problem has a solution” explains.

How did she get so strong-willed and goal oriented? A special memory she has is of her Gram (grandmother). Her Gram owned her own store and let Andrea help around the store. 

“ I think that’s where I derived my liking for marketing. I was 12, but she would let me stock & run the cashier for people we knew,” she says. 

Learning these skills and work ethic at a young age followed her into adulthood. Currently she is writing her first book. Andrea has a love for the arts. She says, “Everything is art. Music, paintings, dancing- everything is a muse. I love dancing, singing & writing.” She even has a song out and a music video in the works. 

Andrea is also innovative. She recently had her wisdom teeth pulled and she had the idea to build an app for local West Michiganders as she is from Michigan.

Not everything is rainbows especially for women working in the industry. She shared with us that a hardship she has had to overcome as a woman is a horrifying experience when she was raped by a film producer she was working with. “#Me too” she says.

Despite the challenges, Andrea pushes forward with the support of her 5 beautiful children who are her biggest fans.

Unfortunately her mother and grandmother have passed on but she is grateful for her kids. 

Over everything, Andrea says her biggest influence is God. 

She explained, “Not a day goes by where God doesn’t help push me through”.

Check out the amazing Andrea Jenkins:

IG: @andrealynnejenkins 

Fb: theandreajenkinsofficial 

Tiktok: @andrealynnejenkins 

Website: Www.localreelnews.com

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