Vision Planner- Ronda Cox

by Siloam Lackey

As frightening as the thought of going into business for yourself is it doesn’t have to be. There is
always the option of multi-tasking. “Plan and don’t be afraid,” says Ronda Cox, CEO and
Founder of RSVP Event Management, as she recites advice she would give to someone who is
considering becoming an entrepreneur. For her thinking ahead about her personal life is just as
important as thinking ahead for her clients. “I still have a full-time job,” says Cox. As a single
parent of two, she would much rather wait until she has reached a comfortable financial point
before she leaves her job.

From the beginning stages of her career Cox, has always been a planner. Prior to launching her
business, she worked as a Head Start Family Service Coordinator which according to her is the
equivalent to a Case Manager. Under this position, she coordinated and planned events for
various families and the company. “That’s where I first got the itch,” says Cox.
The motto of her business is “Tell me your vision and I will make it your reality.” – And since
the inception of her business in 2014, she helped manifest quite a few visions. Cox has been
afforded the opportunity to assist clients across the nation. “I’ve had clients from the west coast
who wanted to plan parties on the east coast and it was my job to arrange their hotel stay, club
accommodations, and transportation,” says Cox. She has also organized a number of hip-hop
concerts and events for WPB Networks. “I like for my clients to tell me I want this done and I
want that done. I don’t know how you’re going to put it all together but that’s what I want,” Cox
continues “It’s like a jigsaw puzzle. I enjoy putting the pieces together.”

What keeps this CEO in good entrepreneurial spirits is remembering why she does what she does
and the satisfaction of her clients. “I love seeing the happy faces after a successful retirement
event. I love seeing the happy faces after a successful women’s conference,” expresses Cox.
Moreover, her faith has played a major role in her entrepreneurial success. “My faith is very
strong. I believe that it’s the reason why I’m where I am today. If God brought me to it then He
will bring me through it,” says Ronda Cox.

She reveals that relocation is a possibility in the future. “Baltimore was a great city to start in but
if I leave my job to do this full-time I would consider relocating to New York or Los Angeles.
Those cities have larger opportunities,” says Cox.

For more information about RSVP Event Management visit Cox’s website at
Social Media
Twitter: @RSVPEM
Instagram: @RSVPEM

Facebook: RSVP Event Management, LLC

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