Traveling Abroad? Know these 6 Devices and Apps!

by Denise Mose, Ph.D

Traveling Abroad? Know these 6 Devices and Apps! 

Denise Y. Mose, Ph.D, Globetrotter 

Hmmmm! So many people have reached out to me and are curious as to how I am staying connected through various mediums. That prompted this article. Traveling is wonderful! However, if you plan to visit many countries or move abroad for a while, staying connected is a must! The question is this: How will you keep in touch with your family, friends and other loved ones? Pull up a chair and jot down these notes: 

GET WHATSAPP: This incredible App has truly saved my life. First of all, IT’S FREE!!! Regardless of how far you are, it feels like you are with your loved ones. WHATSAPP is a video-chat portal and it’s my best friend when I travel abroad. I can see my dads face, my big brother, my twin, my niece, everyone! Commit that to memory!

LOCAL PHONE NUMBER: Many international cell phone plans are prohibitively expensive, with outrageous roaming fees and long distance calling charges. If you are traveling for a long period of time to foreign countries, it is usually more convenient to have a local phone number. You can use it to make and receive local calls, as well as receive calls forwarded from your other App (like Skype) number or other long-distance calls. Having a local number will help you navigate around and you WILL need one.

EMAIL: Good ‘ole fashioned email. It just works! If you have the standard email (Yahoo, Gmail) you are usually good to go! However, if you are like me and plan to Globetrot, Google won’t work. Therefore, create a simple email address just for the duration of your time in that country. If you are staying less than three months you need not bother doing this.

VPN: Unlock the secrets!!! The VPN is a program you use to unblock sites that are banned in your country. Google, YouTube, Instagram and Twitter are all banned in various parts of the Far East, but my lovely VPN gives me full access. Depending on your budget, this is a fairly cheap App. However, if you are staying a long time in that country, it’s worth the investment.

UNDERSTAND ROAMING: If you do not want a large phone bill, heed my advice. Regardless of where you choose to travel, your phone is your prime communication tool. Believe it or not, your device just might arbitrarily switch to the best service in your new location. Be sure, to secure rates with your service provider to avoid an excessive charge at the end of the month. Don’t ask me how I know, just trust the Doc on this one. Comprende?

PORTABLE WIFI: Have your own, period. Great airlines will provide you with a charging station already in your seat, given the length of long flights. If you are smart, you’ll charge your phone before you land. If not, consider a portable WiFi apparatus. Here’s the point, you have more than just your phone. If you are like me, there’s your iPad, laptop, iWatch or other cool piece of tech that will need to be charged. WiFi is not free everywhere, so be fully aware and stay connected. If you love yourself (and I know you do), don’t go cheap, buy the good stuff.

Ok folks!!! There it is! These are my tips on staying connected while traveling and living abroad! Despite the pandemic, you can still enjoy fabulous places in the safest way possible. Pack your Passport!

Dr. Denise Y. Mose is a “Jill of all Trades”! Presently, her latest book, “Blind Faith”, My Life-Changing Journey in China” can be purchased on her website www.drdenisemose.com

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