The Nourish Spot

Jamaica Queens, NY

by Anthoni Duncan

Jade Duncan was born in DC but raised in NYC for about 15 years. She followed in her mom’s footsteps by going to Howard University for Business. However, she soon realized that wasn’t for her & transferred to Johnson & Wales for Culinary Arts.

Growing up, Jade was inspired by her mom’s travels the most. She loved hearing stories she would tell and the food she would bring back from her visits around the world. The difference between currencies. Her immense love for food made me watch the food channel religiously. Emeril was her King, and “Bam” was often said.

The idea to open The Nourish Spot was more Jade’s mom’s dream that she helped bring to life. Her mother, towards the end of her Public Relations career, started on a personal health journey that grew due to her commute to work. Unfortunately, they didn’t have any places close enough to them, but there was still a need. So together, she and her mother fulfilled it.

What Did They Do About It?

The Nourish Spot, a juice, smoothie, and salad bar, is located in Jamaica Queens, NY, 107 & Guy R Brewer Blvd. Jade enjoys working with the youth and encouraging them in their formative years which she believes is the best part of owning a business. The Nourish Spot is an internship site for local high schools and college students to give them the foundation needed to be successful in life.

The worst part for Jade is that it’s a 24/7 job. Something can happen at any time and the responsibility is solely theirs. However, she does want to expand to be a concession at airports and other major venues around the city. Her ultimate goal in life is to prolong the lives of people that look like her by providing health in more ways than just food. She also wants to build generational wealth for her descendants. A huge goal for her business is to be a ubiquitous brand that stands the test of time.


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