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by Ivy June

Hair – it’s the one thing that no matter what you are wearing can make or break your overall look. The style, color, length, presentation is everything whether it be for a work meeting, social, family function, church, or date. Generally people want to look their best for themselves, their partner or potential mate, and win the day with a great hairstyle. 

When it comes to hair volume and length, most people have not enough of it or just enough. Women have the tools to supplement the lack of hair growth with the help of extensions or wigs, but unfortunately men who have receding hairlines and excessive hair loss do not have the same opportunity. Often people want to be natural and not spend so much money as extensions, wigs and installments in total can be up to a few thousand dollars. Then there are doctors who offer both hair reconstruction treatments and surgeries in which they replenish the precious protein and hair follicles or even handle hair transplantation.


Hair thinning for both men and women can begin well before middle age, and in fact studies show 80% of both genders will experience significant hair loss. A study conducted by the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery  in March of 2020 states, “By the age of 35, approximately 40 percent of men are suffering from visible hair loss, while by the age of 60, this percentage jumps to 65. That means that almost half of men, by their late-forties or early-fifties, are suffering from noticeable hair loss. Surprisingly, the numbers for women are even higher. A different survey suggests that by age 40, approximately 40 percent of women suffer from hair loss. By age 60, approximately 80 percent of women suffer some degree of noticeable hair loss, according to their survey.


Multiple brands have come out with their own haircare lines that are supposedly “the best and top of the line” such as Monat, Hollywood Hair Bar, and Vegamour. These products are fantastic, but a new product line is in town that will “cleanse, nourish, and rejuvenate” your hair called “Inala” by actress and model LaLa Anthony. Their mission, “Asian cultures have long celebrated the illuminating effects of rice water as a secret beauty weapon. It beautifies skin, and has mind-blowing results on hair length, texture and shine. Inspired, our visionary founder, La La Anthony, experimented with it on her own hair and scalp, quickly seeing transformative results.” 


This company is black-owned and appeals to all races. Caucasian, Asian, Black, man or women, anyone can benefit from having this line.  Ads have been circulating the internet about incredible results people are having. See some of the results shared:

Their “secret weapon” is rice water. Products include a rice water serum, a special rinse, and packs or kits depending on your needs. Take charge of your hair growth and feel beautiful every day! Check out the shop below! 



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