Sherita Moss: From Foster Child to Rising Star in Fashion Design


At the intersection of necessity, determination, and creative brilliance, the fashion world has found a shining beacon of inspiration in Sherita Moss, the designer and driving force behind Moss Kouture, a rising star in the realm of fashion.

Moss’s journey began under unconventional circumstances. Raised in a foster home, she found escape and expression in the art of fashion design. With a foster mother’s sewing kit, thrift store finds, and hand-me-downs, she experimented with alterations and customizations, creating her unique style from scratch. With no formal education in fashion design, Moss primarily relied on trial and error, online resources like YouTube, collaborations with other designers, and her experience in modeling to develop her skill set.

Moss’s unique journey has given her a distinct and dynamic viewpoint within the fashion industry. Drawing inspiration from self-taught and hood designers like Virgil Abloh and Dapper Dan, as well as advocate for diversity Bethann Hardison, she interweaves her vibrant past with her current aspirations.

Her step into entrepreneurship took place in 2020 when the pandemic necessitated a dramatic change in her circumstances, with her husband losing his job. Rising to the challenge, Moss launched her brand, Moss Kouture.

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A typical day in Sherita’s life begins with affirmations, prayers, a run or a walk, and a dose of motivation from Les Brown. This ritual sets the tone for the rest of her day – a blend of family commitments and running her burgeoning business. Moss believes in giving oneself permission to take breaks, and prioritizing family time and her kids, all the while maintaining a constant focus on her business objectives.

As an advocate for sustainability, Moss has integrated this principle into her design process, utilizing upcycled and scrap fabrics wherever possible. These processes echo a significant component of her journey into the world of design – resourcefulness.

Sherita’s rise as a fashion designer was catalyzed by an unexpected event. As a young teenager, she covertly participated in a voguing dance competition at a Minneapolis gay club. Her unanticipated victory in this dance-off fueled her spirit and pushed her deeper into fashion and modeling, at a time when there were very few black models in the city.

Even with her current success, Moss doesn’t forget her roots. She follows designers originating from the hood, from whom she draws a wealth of knowledge and inspiration. According to Sherita, “I wake up, speak my affirmations, and listen to motivational speakers during my runs or my walks to get myself pumped up… After I’ve dropped my kids off in the morning for school and daycare, it’s strictly business when I’m sewing, networking, connecting people, planning my next events.”

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Moss Kouture in New York




Today, she stands at the helm of her flourishing brand, Moss Kouture, gearing up for an array of exciting developments including partnerships, showcases, a TV show, fashion shows, and the launch of her lingerie line. Furthermore, she is preparing to celebrate her TV network deal, a significant milestone in her thriving career.

Sherita Moss is much more than a fashion designer – she is a testament to perseverance, originality, and the transformative power of necessity. Her journey serves as a beacon of inspiration for budding designers and working mothers alike. As Moss herself notes, one should never shy away from embracing the discomfort that comes with learning and new experiences.

With every stitch, every pattern, and every design, Moss continues to sketch a narrative of resilience and brilliance, weaving the threads of her exceptional journey into every garment she creates. For more from Sherita Moss and Moss Kouture, you can follow on Instagram at Saucy.Mossy and MossKouture, and visit the Moss Kouture official website at www.mosskouture.com.

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