See How Former Officer Audrey Carpenter is Creativity at it’s Best

by Siloam Lackey
Audrey Carpenter

Audrey Carpenter was one of many who developed their new beginning in 2020.

Carpenter separated from law enforcement in 2019 and discovering your creativeness and passion for design.


The former law enforcer found herself dreaming away from the rules and capturing her purpose through journaling, painting, and creating vision boards. Those thoughts became goals, and those goals became reality. 


“I had a lot of free time on my hands. I created my company TuTu Royalty, first. I design really pretty tulle outfits with extra puff, crystal shoes, customizable shirts and hair accessories for birthdays and special events. They’re handmade, each outfit being different from the last unless a previous style is requested. My customers’ age range has been between newborn and 54 years old.”


Audrey  isn’t just shining her creativity through her unique styles,  TuTu Royalty brings the character to life with TuTu’s and bedazzled accessories just like the character in her new book based on the brand.


“I am also branding Royalty’s image and will release an 18 inch Royalty doll and a children’s financial literacy book called, “Royalty’s Kidpreneur Club.” It depicts the journey of three friends who start a club for kids who are interested in becoming entrepreneurs. It is based on my three children and the businesses they have developed. God willing, the Board of Education will find this book worthy to be inducted into the scholastic curriculum.” 


Audrey did not stop there.  When the 2020 pandemic stopped the world, she saw friends and family lose their jobs and fall on hard times.  She was overcome by the need to take action.


“I am a creator, and I like to create opportunities for other people. My mind is always going a million miles a minute. When people talk to me about their struggles, I listen, but I always look for a solution. I’ve lived in survival mode for many years, and I understand how hard it is to start over. Everyone has a skill or talent that we can tap into and discover a business concept for. I don’t mind sharing whatever knowledge I have to assist in the come up. That is why I reestablished Carpenter’s Creative Design.” 


When Audrey Carpenter isn’t creating for TuTu Royalty she is creating dream homes for others through Carpenters Creative Design.


“For CCD, I lead a team of general and subcontractors who are able to provide residential and commercial maintenance and remodeling services. I also manage properties for private owners and facilitate work orders on any repairs or maintenance emergencies their tenants may have. This provides a consistent work flow for guys who lost their jobs due to Covid-19 and freelance their services. I’m still looking to expand my team. The goal is to manufacture a multimillion dollar woman owned construction company.”


“I definitely plan to initiate a program where I can reach as many people as I can. I want others to recognize their power, break down those walls, and see their light.”


“I was born creative, but I always felt I had to work the 9 to 5 to maintain some level of stability for my children. That mindset really set me back. I know that it has its advantages, and of course, we all need a job, right? But, we’re all sitting on untapped potential that we would see if we just take action. You’ll see that you already have what it takes to succeed.”


Through her creativeness, Audrey Carpenter has opened doors for others in need of earning an income during the pandemic by hiring for Carpenters Creative Design. She is also opening opportunities for the future with TuTu Royalty, and Royal Image Beauty Bar.


“There are some twists and turns that you don’t expect; some obstacles that can cause damage. You have to mentally prepare yourself to deal with these mishaps so it doesn’t keep you unproductive for too long. For me, that has been the most daunting. Fortunately, I have been doing things to keep myself motivated and on task. I meditate, exercise, read self help books, journal, and do a lot of research on what makes me tick.  I’m not attempting to follow anyone elses blueprint. My life is by my design. I also  have very supportive friends who are all experts in their own fields. Together, we have added to each other’s growth exponentially.  It’s important to have a good team. It’s time to heal and learn a sense of community. It’s unwise to go at life alone.  Sometimes, we have to get out of our own way.”

The book, “Royalty’s Kidpreneur Club” will be released in June. Audrey offers support and career opportunities for others looking for a creative space as well.


Apply at www.CarpentersCreativeDesign.com


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