Rap Artist Yel is here to share her story and let you know you’re not alone

New Song "Creepin" by Rap Artist Yel Expresses True Emotion and Inspiration

by Ana Vergara

Meet Rapper Artist, Yel. She grew up in a small-town tri-cities Washington where her father was a musician and her mother a gospel singer. Watching her dad and seeing her mom do their passion made it her passion too. There was not a lot of communication growing up about feelings so that was a way to express it. She grew up listening to old Kanye, Missy Elliot, and Cisco. Listening to hip hop drove her to be a rapper. Music created a safe place to express emotions. Yel said, “When you go through pain it’s easier to put it in a song than talking about it.”

Yel grew up playing basketball in college. Her priority was always sports because she did not want to disappoint her mother. For Yel it was a hobby, her true passion was doing her music. I asked her what she would tell her younger self and she said, “Be confident and don’t be afraid to live a dream for you.” Those words really touched me because I think all of us at one point are worried about disappointing someone. But I’m glad Yel is sharing her story so we can all see we are not alone and if she can do it, we can do it too.


I was intrigued to see who her dream collaboration would be, and she said, “Missy Elliot, Andre 3000, J. Cole and Biggy if he was still alive.” She continued to say how she connects to Missy Elliott. How the industry does not like female masculine woman. Yel said, “There are more to our stories than how we are presented.” Which I do see her point. Most of the female rappers are given more of a sexier look because the industry will tell you that’s what sells. She continued to say how Andre 3000 is just legendary and people connect to what he is saying. An influence in her life was J Cole and Biggie’s storytelling was unique.


Yel has a new single just released called “Creepin” which is set to be released very soon. So, this is usually where I ask, “What made you want to be an artist?” In Yel’s words she said, “I’m an artist because this is my true way of expressing myself, my feelings, and emotions. I’m rooted in music. Growing up, this was the only way I could truly be myself without judgment and barriers. Being an artist allows me to live in true freedom. There’s been so many people who’ve thrown me in boxes I don’t fit in, always telling me who I am, how to act, how to live. And being an artist there’s no right or wrong way to express yourself. Art doesn’t have walls and rules and neither do I.” I love her motivational words and I am sure she wants to give credit where it’s deserved. When asked for any shout outs she said, “I want to shout out Boolur (the producer that made the beat) we have been working heavy the last two years.” You can find him on Instagram @boo1ur. Yel said that a lot of her music has a hip hop beat and now she is transitioning next to a bit of R&B which is her next step of elevation as an artist.


Yel would like to tell her fans, “I am living proof of following your heart. I have gotten as far as I am in my career and in life but listening and trusting my gut. I’m following my dreams for me. I had to stop giving a f*** about what people thought of me. I truly am unapologetic to me, and you can be to.” I truly believe Yel is an example of someone not giving up on her dreams, someone with confidence and now is going all into her career. Well, Yel it was a pleasure interviewing you and I hope one day I get to see you perform somewhere big with thousands seated and millions watching on tv.


IG: @yupitsyel

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