Phaedra Parks Gifted Her Oldest Son $150K

by Anthoni Duncan

Phaedra Parks dropped a bag on her 13-year-son Ayden in celebration of his 13th birthday.

“So, he said for his birthday he either wanted a dirt bike or a way to make money. And so I said, well
definitely not gonna give you a dirt bike to kill yourself. I will give you $150,000 for you to buy a piece
of property,” Parks, 49, told PEOPLE. “And so now he’s basically trying to figure out if he wants to do a
little multi-unit duplex, you know, [start] his own little rental properties.”

Parks, an alum of The Real Housewives of Atlanta,  hopes that the teenage investor will start to learn the
lesson of building wealth early in life. She adds that Ayden is also fascinated by cryptocurrency. “So he’s been talking about getting investment properties.” According to the mother of two, her oldest son has always been focused on increasing his personal profits, and allegedly has his sights set high on becoming a millionaire by the time he turns 25.

Parks also admitted the 13-year-old was “big into” cryptocurrency and has been talking nonstop about investing in
residential buildings. Now, with 12 years to go, the Married to Medicine star wants to help her son pursue
his dreams. She also told the outlet she felt the need to take advantage of her current financial situation and provide
her sons with opportunities she was not granted growing up.

Phaedra Parks does not mess around when it comes to raising her two boys. The Married to Medicine star exclusively opened up to PEOPLE about her fair but firm parenting style with sons Ayden, 13, and Dylan, 10.
“I have three rules for my sons,” Parks, 49, tells PEOPLE. “Be respectful of adults, yes and no ma’am all
the time. My second rule is clean up behind yourself. And the last thing is be grateful.”


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