Paula Campbell Writes Her Heart Out In Her New Book

by Siloam Lackey
Paula Campbell

Paula Campbell, a Baltimore native known for her music and creativity releases some new truth in her book, “If He Wanted To Be There He Would”. The title of the book speaks knowledge and truth in itself.


Campbell started writing at the age of 7. As time carried on her creativity led her to becoming the titled “First Lady of Baltimore” after she won Baltimore Idol in 2003.


Shortly after her win, Paula’s career began to take off as her number one hit “How Does it Feel” ran number one for 8 straight weeks in Baltimore, DC and Virginia.


Paula Campbell went on to open up for Kanye West, sing on the remix of Fat Joe’s “Lean Back” and win a Glamour Magazine music contest, shooting the video for a song written by Neyo called “Ain’t Nobody Stupid”. The video was shot by singer Ciara.

Paula Campbell and Ciara

Ciara and Paula Campbell at the Glamour Reel Music world premiere of Paula Campbell’s debut music video Ain’t Nobody Stupid presented by Nissan at NULL in Los Angeles, California on August 13, 2007. (Footage by WireImage Video/Getty Images)

With all this experience and what some would call a dream life, Paula had much more creativity spurring inside of her. She learned the creatives of life changes.


The hardest part of Paula’s career was learning that the creative life does not always make pay. Sometimes people have to choose jobs outside of their passions to continue to build their dream, while still managing to maintain and build their goal.


Paula also learned the art of relationships which led to her new book,  “If He Wanted To Be There He Would”. Paula was inspired by a conversation she had with a friend on a not so great relationship she was involved in, and the best advice her friend gave her was “girl, if he wanted to be there he would”. Paula says the book is a A Self-help, Instructional guide to healing after heartbreak.


Being able to heal after a broken relationship has placed Paula in a better space, giving her time to focus on her career, help others heal with her new book and manage family time with her daughter.


“I try to make sure my daughter and I have a full day together every week, even if that means just taking a walk and getting snowballs”


Paula’s continued success seems to come from a place of transparency and self love. She has handed the knowledge through her book and encourages others to push past the pains in life and any other obstacles.

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