A Force in the Financial Security World, Patricia Thomas

A Force in the World of Financial Security, Patricia Thomas


While going through a pandemic had its challenges, Patricia Thomas took full advantage of the benefits offered to her from her dynamic company. That company is World Financial Group (W.F.G.), the marketing division of TransAmerica, who has been around for well over 100 years. This entire entity is owned by Aegon, a Dutch company in the Netherlands, the 8th  wealthiest financial company in the world with $600 billion in assets. They offer several financial services which include: annuities, Roth and IRA accounts, stocks, and mutual funds, etc.

After retiring from a 33-year career, Patricia took some time off to provide care for her elderly mother who was stricken with Alzheimer’s disease, but never lost her passion for helping others. A couple of weeks after retiring, a past coworker introduced Patricia to a  company which led to her attending their presentation. She fell in love with the mission  and became a part of the company. Patricia started her role as a Senior Associate in 2019 and it gave her the privilege of selling life, health (including long term care), and accidental insurance part time. There is no charge for clients to sit down with her to  create a financial plan as W.F.G.’s services are complementary. She enjoys creating legacies in families by saving and building money tax free and the best part for her is  seeing families exhale while knowing they are protected and have built enough wealth  to pass on through generations. There’s no doubt that Patricia is a shining star in her company, and with the help of her team Wealth Wisdom Warriors, whose hierarchy is Synergy Financial, families can feel relief after securing their future.

Working with W.F.G. has given Patricia the  flexibility of working from home and still be able to grow the company during the pandemic. Since people are more accessible via Zoom, it’s easier to contact potential  clients and set up consultations and begin the financial planning process. W.F.G. serves all 50 states, Canada and Puerto Rico, and is still growing. They take pride in  the work that their licensed professionals do and will continue to provide that superb  service for years to come.

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