Owner of Snatched Beauties Leenda Bolden Changes Lives Through Body Sculpting

Leenda Bolden owner of Snatched Beauties


Overcoming the pains of life has only built the owner of Snatched Beauties, Leenda Bolden into the incredible woman she is today.

Being a mother of 7 has kept Leenda busy to say the least, blessed with 4 boys and 3 girls. It was1998 when she was forced to grow up quickly. Leenda moved out on her own, graduated, and was a mom at age 16. By age 24 she had 3 children and was figuring out what she wanted to do with her life.

In 2017 she moved to Southern California, homeless and trying to find her way. She knew that she likes helping people, but “how” was the big question. She lived out of her car which had no tags while the Transitional Housing of LA County Program helped her find a home for her new life. Even her career path has been transitional, from medical assistant to mental health worker  to now sculpting, Leenda’s had quite the journey. “Pay it forward,” Leenda consistently said. She’s worked hard to live her dream life and wants to help others look good and feel good.

Leenda is now a licensed body sculptor and educator with a goal of making a difference in people’s lives by helping them achieve their body goals without gastric surgery. “You don’t see results for 3-6 months with gastric surgery, and it’s rare that people have consistency. If you eat or get pregnant, you’re fat again, and you can’t just go back to the surgeon,” she explained.

In addition, many people are scared to “go under” for surgery. This is a healthier and easier way to reach those goals. This is where Snatched Beauties is ready to take you to the next level.

The majority of people can see their own flaws to a tee. “We see the nitty gritty that no one else sees and wants to fix. It’s very rewarding because there are people who come in and have things they’re going through, and they want a revenge body.” She helps them get that body!

Leenda has always wanted to give back to people and pay it forward. It takes drive and motivation to get what you want. Not everyone will cheer you on. Remember, she came out here with nothing, and even still has no family to lean on plus her children and husband, and she makes it all work.

Now her two eldest live out of the house and she still has her younger ones. Her dreams keep getting bigger and bigger.

“This is all coming to a forefront and I can’t tell you how grateful I am,” she said about everything happening in her life right now.

She sees the potential in herself for things to get bigger and better for her family and business. She was even offered a position at UCLA and turned it down. “I’ll never know the full potential of myself or my business unless I give it my all. So I’m all in.”

I asked what some of her favorite moments have been:

“Every day is a favorite moment because someone always comes in with a story. People come with breakups, etc. I have a client who started as a fashion designer at 19 and had to overcome family and a disability. It’s beyond sculpting,  I’m almost a therapist. Maybe they felt like giving up but they feel good when they leave. If I can make you happy when you leave, that makes me happy, and when they give me referrals that makes it even better!”

Leenda’s story is incredibly inspiring. Check it out:




Snatched Beauties Location: 5710 W Manchester Ave Ste 211 , Los Angeles CA  90045

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