Nursing For Nurses

by Anthoni Duncan

Alexandria Brown, Indianapolis, IN native has taken her passion for caring for others and positive outlook on life to a new level. She is currently a Registered Nurse pursuing her Family Nurse Practitioner license but began in customer service in 2011. Home healthcare became an interest, so she became a Certified Nurse Assistant and enjoyed it, but she wanted more. A friend of hers was in nursing school and encouraged Alexandria to keep going further in nursing school. Alexandria then moved on to work with geriatric and down’s clients in 2015 and has been working with that population since.

During this time, Alexandria recognized some things that prompted her to make a positive change. While working on clinical and internships she attempted residency programs but struggled with cultures at some facilities, so she then ventured into bariatric care. Alexandria thoroughly enjoyed the process as it was more of a consistent flow and there were more concrete treatments. She wanted to gain more knowledge, so she tapped into long-term acute care for two years and spent that time at agencies, learning to pick up a more constructive change in the industry. There was still a yearning for more. Alexandria had other interests that she wanted to expound upon, so she set her focus on that, however, she didn’t want to leave nursing.

The Turning Point…

She fell in love with travel nurse work. She’s always loved to travel, wanting to see every part of the world with her own eyes, and experience different people, their cultures, and a variety of foods. The more she traveled, the more she realized this was the life she wanted to pursue. Being able to work with different structures in healthcare facilities and personalities overall, was truly a learning experience. She knows many nurses are pushed to “find somewhere to call home,” but Alexandria feels like you can’t do that by staying in one place. Not to mention, it isn’t conducive to their mental health.  She also maintained multiple incomes, which is vital when becoming a travel nurse.  She wants to assist nurses to be a well-rounded entity, focused on healthcare, mental, physical, and emotional health. This is how Nursing for Nurses LLC, was born in May 2021.

The mental health and well-being of nurses are critical in the healthcare field and Alexandria wants to use her expertise to guide them in caring for it. Alexandria made a major shift in her lifestyle when she started foreign exchange currency trading. She used her bubbly attitude to build clientele organically by telephone and word of mouth. This gave her a bigger audience with social media as opposed to not using it at all. Currently, with the Spartan team of training and foreign exchange, and amongst the top in the 50-trading bracket.  She is  affiliated with Xtreme Global Trading, real estate, HFX, and crypto.

Tap In…

Alexandria is currently curating her social media presence while improving her physical health.  She is a certified Pilates instructor while working to become licensed in Yoga. By instructing, she wants to give nurses a healthier outlet. She has taught classes in Evolation Yoga Atlanta in Atlanta as well as the Hot Room in Indianapolis. She’s now focusing on being able to utilize fitness as a healthy mental health release outlet.  This is to support her clients through the phases of their

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