Meet Tonita Bybee-Jackson – The Brains Behind Savvy Girl Consulting

Consulting and Talent Management begins here.

by Ana Vergara

Tonita Bybee-Jackson, born and raised in Cleveland Ohio, Midwest.  Mom of 4 superhumans, yaya to one adorable 2-year-old grand princess. Children are college educated and graduated. She recently married at 49 on July 3,2022 for the first time. She waited for marriage because she knew her husband was not in her hometown of Ohio.  It wasn’t until she moved to Atlanta GA that she found a man or rather the man found her on Tinder.  They dated for one year and then he popped the question.  They got married in a small little love shack in front of 100 of their closet friends and family in Georgia. Tonita didn’t always live an easy life.  She went to prison for living a fast life.  She was young and involved with a bad boy, but she overcame the situation.  She went from being a felon and a single mom to being an entrepreneur earning 6 figures.  What an inspiration and fresh air to share a story like this.  She was such a beautiful person to interview.  Giving me, inspiration and I wanted to share her story.  She is what I call a boss lady that overcame everything that was meant to take her down, but she lifted herself up and now does it all.


She is an entrepreneur with an ebook helping other entrepreneurs find their niche market, along with it created a workbook. Tonita doesn’t stop there she is also an Allied Healthcare Educator and teaches people to become homecare aids to service elderly and disabled as well being an American Heart Association International Instructor.  She is the owner of Savvy Girl Consulting, where she consults on business startups, brand management, pr services and Celebrity Management.  This is where Savvy Talent Management Group comes to place.  She manages celebrities like Lamar Odom, Brely Evans, Ezinne Kalu, Darell Kelley, Jayshawn Champion and regular folks like Guru of Abs, Luciano Layne, two famous tic tokers, her husband and a great four-year-old actress. She has a few other businesses. “My advice is don’t quit your daydream!” she said.  You see we all have sat at someone’s desk and daydreamed about the life we really wanted but perhaps we were too scared to go get it and boy she wasn’t scared.  Tonita went for it and gave it her all.  She said, “We never lose, we either win or we learn.


Tonita just became Chief Marketing Officer as well as Operation Manager for Alpha Magazine. The magazine tells stories which can be found on news stands and online.  In 2023 they will be focusing on more human-interest stories.  CEO and Founder of Alpha Magazine, Luciano Layne said, “She is a fighter. She does not take no for an answer she believes in herself so that kind of energy becomes infectious, she believed in my magazine vision when I didn’t.”


Tonita doesn’t stop there.  She also hosts her own podcast on Roku.  Her podcast is about life.  “I laugh way to loud, curse, give real life advise for fellow entrepreneurs, debunk the myth that celebrities are superhuman and give others a space to tell their story.  I talk a lot so the podcast was a perfect outlet for me.  Personally, I love this and now I must go check out her podcast myself.


The message especially after the pandemic is not to give up your dream.  It will happen for you.  You may have failure in the journey, but it is only setting you up for something better.  A few people who inspire her is Oprah and Tabitha Brown.


Her future goal is to literally own a glass house on someone’s beach where she can leisurely work and watch the sun rise and set. Get back massages twice a week and spend her free time telling little girls they can be whatever they want to be.  I asked her what she would tell the little girl inside her, looking back and she said she would tell her that it’s okay to have cellulite and belly rolls as long as you love who you are.  That’s where it begins.  She lost 159 pounds in the past 2 years, so she deals with a lot of body dysmorphia.  She can see herself at her 600-pound life when in all she wears a size 8/10 and medium tops.


Her advice to someone who wants to be like her is don’t ​quit, be better than her. Smile more, laugh louder, love harder. She added, “We only have one shot at this and if you do it right, once is enough.”  She wants to leave a legacy and build generational wealth for her family.  She wants to become the first felon in her family who overcame stigma and excuses.


She is seriously humble.  Of course, I do my research, so I asked her what she wanted to tell her fans and she didn’t know how to answer that question. I hope when she reads this, she realizes she has a fan right here.


Website: savvygirlconsulting.org

IG: @iamtonitab 

FB: Tonita Dean 

IG: @savvygirlconsulting 

FB: savvy girl consulting 

Twitter: consulting savvy / Savvy Girl Consulting 

IG: @savvytalentmanagementgroup 

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