Live Life on Your Own Terms and Join Entrepreneurship

by Ivy June

Entrepreneurs Born

We are in a new age of finding what you love and making money while doing it. Never in the history of the United States have there been more entrepreneurs. Many were born during the recent pandemic due to the millions of lay-offs. 


The Struggle Was Real

People were struggling then and are still catching up financially now. With so many people being fired from their jobs and the majority of physical stores being closed down, people had nothing to do but sit at home watch television, drink, and play games. Only select individuals who saw past the current situation took initiative of their own lives during this difficult time and started a business. 


Yes, You Have Options

With that being said, several opportunities could be found if you looked in the right places. Network marketing skyrocketed. Fundera says “About one in 13 adults have participated in multilevel marketing (MLM). There are about 6.2 million Americans actively involved in “direct selling.” Network marketing is great for several reasons:

  • Minimal Risk. Investing always comes with risk. …
  • Demand for Quality Products. …
  • Residual Income. …
  • Income Potential. …
  • No Employees Required!
  • All tools provided to succeed
  • Team Support


Other Opportunities Arose

In general, people began seeking out their own opportunities to create wealth and take care of their families. The amount of entrepreneurs in our country has gone from 5 percent to 75% and roughly 4.38 million. During the pandemic, the rate increased a whopping 24.7 percent compared to 2019 and the most significant increase of the past decade. People are learning new trades and hobbies they can utilize to start their own business such as car services, yoga, sound healing, juicing, digital marketing, all sorts of popular services people are in need of. Despite the world being shut down, the world kept spinning, money still exchanging, and people continued to connect.


Benefits of Owning a Business

We will not lie to you, the road of the entrepreneur is not an easy one but can be extremely rewarding if you put your heart and mind to it. Do your research, get creative, and get excited:

  • Be your own boss
  • Potentially earn unlimited income
  • When you work and where are up to you always
  • Do something you enjoy
  • Grow and develop your business and yourself
  • Choose who you work with


Where to start?

Maybe this was you during the pandemic, however, if it was not, we hope this inspired you to start a business.

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