Linata: A Multifaceted Artist Who Conquers the Music Industry with Passion and Resilience


Meet music artist Linata who moved all the way from Kyiv, Ukraine to Los Angeles to pursue her career in music. She came up with her stage name “Linata” when she and her Italian teacher were playing around with words and letters one day. 

Linata was lucky to be influenced musically in childhood. She had the opportunity to take various music classes including jazz improvisation, singing, and even exploring other arts like dance. She believes this is what shaped her musical “taste”. Her parents and music teachers had a huge impact on her. Growing up was challenging because her father was in the military. Music was the escape. 

At 12 years old she started voice lessons and her vocal coach taught her a lot about pop music. Then at age 16 she joined jazz classes and was guided by her second “Vocal Mom” Aniko Dolidze as she calls her coach who taught her to improvise, scat, read the notes, and create her own music through singing. She loves music for the feeling or state of mind it puts you in while singing, creating, or just listening. 

Truly, as long as she can remember she was always playing around with music and as she grew older it became a career. She saw the opportunity to make a difference in people’s lives with her music whether it’s her utilizing her singing voice, writing songs with specific melodies or lyrics that people can relate to and have an impact in a positive way. One time one of Linata’s fans said that her music saved her from committing suicide. It’s incredibly impactful.

“I believe that music is so powerful and we never know how it could affect other people,” Linata says. “ So as creatives we have to spread our creativity in this world with less doubts.” In a music artist’s career there can be lots of defining moments and Linata has plenty. She’s had many special moments sharing the stage with her band 4Secrets because while performing live she realizes you can do good for the world just by sharing your energy with an audience full of people. It’s even better when people show gratitude. She also has moments in the studio where “you feel like you just wrote something unbelievable,” she says.

Currently, Linata has two projects that she is working on and the first is her first EP. The second project is a voice healing course where she teaches people how to use their voice without any blocks or tension. She wants to emphasize that the course is not only for musicians and singers, but also for anyone who wants to learn how to use their voice and gain “vocal freedom” as she calls it. In October she will hold a workshop to share her techniques and secrets to the “vocal freedom.” Also stay tuned for a new and very special song release happening before the end of the year.

There is one summer that Linata was awarded a full scholarship to attend the LAMP Music Academy, an institution founded by the renowned Stargate music producers, known for their chart-topping hits such as “Diamonds” by Rihanna and “Irreplaceable” by Beyonce, among many others. This opportunity felt like a dream come true for Linata, providing her with a chance to learn from the very best in the music industry. The program Linata undertook was a one-year immersive experience, dedicated to the art of recording contemporary pop music. It offered a collaborative environment where she worked alongside other talented music producers, artists, and songwriters, making it an ideal platform for honing her musical skills and exploring the world of hit song production.

Linata has some final advice for readers. She says, “There is this quiet voice that each of us has inside and we can easily follow it if we let it speak. Some people call it intuition, but the main message that I’m putting into my music is freedom in general, either in your choices, or your body, but that comes from trusting your heart.


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