Lidia Sicilia the Health and Wellness Warrior 2 Time Cancer Survivor

Lidia Sicilia

Have you ever heard of a health and wellness warrior? If your answer was no, then get acquainted with Lidia Sicilia. She isn’t like your everyday health and wellness life coach, she is more like the girl that everyone goes to, to have that talk about the thing that’s bothering them the most because of her realness, honesty, and experience.


Lidia’s battle with cancer and dealing with Western medicine led her into researching holistic wellness. Lidia’s health and wellness goes beyond posting pretty pictures and positive affirmations on Instagram. She gets down to the realness, and is passionate about spreading awareness on how  mental health is connected to physical well being.


Her journey wasn’t always peachy. Becoming a life coach was hard. Lidia had to learn to recognize clients who were really ready to do the work to improve their lives. However, that didn’t hold her back.


Lidia Sicilia stood out in her industry by making herself vulnerable. “People gravitate to things that they can see themselves in. A lot of people make themselves out to be further ahead, and not that they come out and say that, but it is the attitude of always dwelling in a space of being optimistic, but that isn’t life. I feel like people who follow me can appreciate those vulnerable moments.”


“I follow a lot of mentors, and they are always posting positive messages and I appreciate that, but I never see them posting something real. When you look at my social media the only time you see me made up is when I’m doing my shows. It’s empowering to see someone and say wow they’re going through something at this very moment.”


Lidia currently hosts “Health and Wellness With Lidia” on ‘416 & The City” an urban television show aired in Canada. Lidia’s show brings on guests with real life stories on mental and health issues, and how they are overcoming their battles daily. Her recent show aired a teen who battled anorexia at the age of 15. Her platform reaches out to people of all ages, ethnicities, and walks of life.


Her 13 year old daughter is also inspired by the movement, she has a willingness to speak on mental health issues as she battles anxiety. Since the pandemic, Lidia says her daughter has been speaking to her psychologist more frequently as she was set to cover a milestone in her life in 2020 for her 8th grade graduation. Like many students Lidia’s daughter has been saddened and frustrated with the curve of the pandemic, but just like her mother her warrior allows her to connect and relate to others to start a process of healing.


Lidia Sicilia has learned not to shelter her children from reality, as she started an emotional journey about 8 years ago, allowing her children to see the rawness of her evolution.


Lidia encourages people to believe in themselves, to not keep themselves small in effort to make other people comfortable, and to learn what it means in action and words to have self love.


“A lot of people look at material things, versus looking within. Self love to me doesn’t mean going to get my hair and my nails done, that’s grooming. Self love to me is feeding myself, staying hydrated, self love to me means if there is a situation I’m dealing with or something that feels negative to really look and force myself to find a silver lining.”


“I had to learn what self love was for me, what did I fall short in.”

Join Lidia as she continues her journey and share the stories of other peoples journey’s on ‘Health and Wellness with Lidia”

For life coaching reach out to Lidia at


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