Kelly Clarkson Battles Against Toxic Workplace Claims

by Ivy June

Kelly Clarkson has responded to the recent Rolling Stone article accusing her daytime talk show of having a toxic workplace. 

Taking to her Instagram page on Saturday, she addressed the claims made by 11 current and former employees of “The Kelly Clarkson Show” who called their work “traumatizing to their mental health” in the magazine’s report. 

While the anonymous sources referred to the host as “fantastic”, they labeled the show’s producers as “monsters” and accused them of making their lives “hell”.

In her statement, Clarkson voiced her support for her team, saying that she will not stand for any of them feeling unheard or disrespected. Additionally, the singer stated that as they prepare to move to the East Coast, she will ensure that the show’s staff will include the best and kindest individuals in the business. Furthermore, leadership training will be given to all of the senior staff, including Clarkson herself, to further promote a healthy and safe environment.

In response to the report, NBCUniversal also issued a statement that they take all workplace complaints very seriously, and will promptly investigate and address any issues that arise. Additionally, they stressed that “The Kelly Clarkson Show” seeks to build an inclusive and creative atmosphere with a focus on safety and respect.

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