Kelli Miller Therapy – Covid 19 Therapy Tips and More

by Siloam Lackey

Kelli Miller Therapy may just be what we all need in 2020. We knew this was the year of change but let’s just count down how drastic it’s been. We started January with the fear of having World War III, February spread this worldwide pandemic called Covid 19 , by March we were all on lockdown, and now in April, we are talking about UFOs. This is enough to make anyone go crazy, but self-awareness may be the key to your survival. In other words, there is no need to fear because Kelli Miller is here, and must we say she’s a licensed and experienced therapist.

Kelli Miller Therapy focuses on psychotherapy to individuals and couples. Her company helps others gain self-awareness with themselves or as a couple. She started her business wanting to help people better understand themselves. The therapist says she enjoys seeing the progress people gain by evolving into their own understanding and reality.

“What I always say is I don’t want my clients to become dependent on me. I want to teach them tools so that they can walk out of the office and do it on their own. So when I see them progress and grow, that’s kind of the best part for me.”

Oh and must we say she is a perfect opportunity for the people in the world who always help people but never ask for help.. she is the “Independent Peoples” helper for therapy. When speaking on her toughest part of her career Kelli said “It’s the people who don’t come to me that I actually get more concerned about. Can I do anything to help them, or to ease their pain to help them not to suffer.” Let’s just say she gets it!

So let’s explain why Kelli Miller Therapy stands out from many therapists that you may encounter. The fact is she is experienced. She has been in hosting, acting, public relations, and has even been a radio personality giving her a perspective of people from all walks of life. Not only is she experienced throughout her career, Kelli is also a single mom with two children living with ADHD. While raising her two children and going through a divorce Kelli has strengthened her evolution by leveraging her experiences and expertise as an author of two books. Her first book is titled “Professor KellI’s Guide To Finding A Husband” which focuses on relationships, and her second book is titled “Thriving with ADHD” which is a workbook for kids with ADHD inspired by both of her boys. The workbook helps kids on an emotional level build their self-esteem and education.

Kelli most recently offered her expertise and advice in a webinar with LAX speaking on relationship survival during the pandemic. Kelli recommends one of the best ways to survive the pandemic lockdown is setting expectations with task organizing and space recognition in your home.

“I’m all about setting up different spaces in your home. So one is workspace, one is chill out, one is alone, and one is all together. That’s kind of a start, to just set up the parameters.”

Kelli Miller also admits that the lockdown and balancing a parent work/life norm in the home is challenging but there is a silver lining.

“I’m busy but I’m grateful. It’s important to just focus on gratitude. You’re able to go outside and enjoy the sunshine, I have a roof over my head, you just have to go back to the basics.”

With therapy being on high demand right now, Kelli recommends that finding the right therapist means being picky.

“If you don’t connect to your therapist then it’s pointless. You really need to have a really good rapport. Shop around. Interview your therapist for five minutes. Ask them how they work, see if you feel the connection, see if you feel the warmth. For me personally (Kelli says), you have to do what is right for you.”

So how does Kelli balance it all? She says she had a lot of challenges in her life, and she uses a quote saying “You grow through what you go through’.’ The mom therapist went through a scary birthing with her son where she almost died, and even with being separated and going through her divorce, she has leveraged her life changes to be the best teacher to allow her to help others.

Her advice to others coming into the Industry is that it is going to be hard, but try not to let the schooling or the difficult courses discourage you.

“There was a point when I was in grad school and I just wanted to give it up, forget it. So you just have to know that you’re going to have those moments of struggle. That is part of the process. It makes you feel more accomplished after you finish it. Keep going, stay strong .”

Kelli’s therapeutic tip for business owners is that there are going to be good days and bad days, and it is ok to feel that way. On your bad days, it’s good to have a sort of mantra that “This is temporary. Just keep reminding yourself of that.”

If you are in need of someone to talk to you can reach Kelli Miller online at  KelliMillerTherapy.com or on Instagram @kellimillertherapy.

Kelli has learned throughout her career that you don’t have to be perfect to be able to help others. In fact, her life experience is the best reason she may be able to help you.

“It’s ok to not have this perfect life. You can be an effective and good therapist and have your own struggles in life. I think it makes you a better therapist. This idea that I need to have the perfect marriage, I need to be the perfect mom, because I’m modeling this for my clients. It’s like we all have struggles no matter if you are a CEO or anything else, we all have struggles in life and that’s ok. We’re human.” 

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