Kat Theo and The Joke that Launched Her Career As An Influencer

by Siloam Lackey
Kat Theo

If you use Youtube to find the what, the who, or the how, then you should know Kat Theo. She currently holds the title as a Celebrity Youtuber and all of her videos have purpose. Kat gives traveling and financial advice with resources you may have never heard of. She lives a full life of experience as a YouTuber, Author, marketer, Entrepreneur, and real estate investor. Many have found their next gig by simply watching her videos on Youtube.

Kat Theo’s career as a Youtuber was never planned out, it just kind of happened. After graduating Kat began traveling abroad in Spain. Her friends teased that traveling was too expensive. The genius in her decided to prove her friends wrong by creating a Youtube video to show her story and how she made it possible.

“Youtube kind of happened by accident. My first video that got big was when I was in Spain I was teaching abroad and my friends would always complain about how expensive it was to travel. So I kind of made this joke video about, honestly targeting my friends. If you’re broke here’s some side hustles you can do so you can travel., and that video went viral. After that I started getting subscribers, and I thought wow maybe I should actually start being consistent on Youtube.”

Needless to say, her epiphany was well worth it. Her Youtube channel has now reached over 150,000 subscribers with fast progress.

Kat Theo says she never planned on being a Youtuber, but the way she cares about her clients makes her successful. “ I get a lot of enjoyment out of it because I love sharing and I love helping other people. When people comment and they email me, and they are saying I was homeless but now They’re not or they were living in their car and one of my videos helped them get a paycheck, you know that does make you feel like you actually have an impact in the world.”

Her eagerness to explore continues to bring new insight on opportunities for viewers. “I’m one of those people who dabble in a lot of things, and I’m never really satisfied with one thing. One of my favorite professors I had in College was a man who literally did everything. He did everything from a CNA, he was a professor, he was in the military, he has multiple businesses and this guy is a millionaire, but he sat in this community college teaching a class. He doesn’t have to be there but he does it because he loves it. So when I took his class I said that’s kind of how in demand I want to be.”

When she isn’t doing Youtube, Kat Theo is perfecting her marketing skills in which she loves and dabbling in the real estate market. She is also an author. Kat wrote a book titled, Layla Escapes the Zoo: An adventurous slow Loris dreams big! The book was inspired while she was teaching English in Taiwan. She was possibly the first African American teacher the students had ever had. Being a homogenous society, cultural diversity was a bit new to the students. Not to mention, Kat is vegan which was a different experience for students as well.

“I really wanted a book to just display other cultures, and other people that looked different and have different eating habits to teach them that there are other things that are out here. Not that anything is better or worse but there’s difference.”

This experience also helped Kat create a massive passive income along with her channel, creating the ability to take time with friends and family and enjoy her life. However, she is also a full time student and currently working on future projects, constantly learning new things to show off, so she doesn’t have that much of a social life.

Theo continues to work hard in the industry, although she has done a lot to prove herself. “When you walk into a space where you have 99.9 percent men who are, you know 50 or up, and you come into the space ready to play ball, but they don’t take you seriously enough. That’s probably the biggest hurdle I’ve had to overcome. I definitely have been in the industry for a little bit and they definitely have started to take me seriously.”

With many influencers and Youtubers evolving, and the ever changing marketing strategies, Kat encourages having a mentor and just going after your goals. “Just go for it, Having a mentor can be beneficial to have someone to help guide you.”

Kat says she reads all of her comments on her Youtube to help anyone who wants to reach her, and she is also available for tips on Instagram and Facebook.

Q: What are your personal and professional goals and/or missions?

A: I want to be completely self-employed by 2025.

Check out her interview and channel below.

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