K. M Young’s Little Legends And Me – The Augmented Reality Trip

by Siloam Lackey
K.M Young Little Legends and ME

K.M Young is taking  “Little Legends and Me” on a trip with her new augmented reality book series. The books feature three unique mythical characters including, Dobi Dragon, Busta Bigfoot, and Bo Bunyip. The series provides interactive learning with questions, prompts and activities. The most entertaining part about the book series is augmented reality (AR). Children are able to place themselves eye to eye with the characters like a reimagined pop up book, by using a smart device hovering over the book. Imagine that. It is a great way to engage by interactive reading.

Kathy’s Little Legends and Me series has a special meaning behind it. For one, she is a mom and had much support from the interest of her daughter Jess. The production company, BOJE Media is named after her son Bowen and her daughter Jess. Kathy said she enjoyed spending time with her children and reading with them. Prior to having children, she worked in an entertainment company for years. During that time she began to have a spark for entertainment and developed ideas for her own characters. While working, Kathy was excited when she found out she would soon become a mom. However, the life changes that would occur in her future as a mom, she never imagined.

At the age of four her son Bowen was diagnosed with cancer. He battled for 18 months, and in 2017 he transcended. Bowen’s sweetness, bravery, and smartness is captured within the characters and adventures in the series. Speaking on the series Kathy says, “it wouldn’t have been created if this didn’t happen to our family.”

The two books that are currently available digitally and in paperback from the series are, Dobi Goes On Holiday and Alphabet Rhyme. With more titles to come in 2020/21.

Dobi Goes On Holiday (Print or Digital purchase) tells the adventure of Dobi Dragon who would like to go on a holiday, help her discover what her holiday can be. Children can explore all the adventure, fun and creativity. As a reader, this story is full of early learning concepts to share and enjoy.

Alphabet Rhyme (Print or Digital purchase) is an early learning reader full of first words, fun rhymes, bright illustrations and interactive activities to solve. It also includes the BANZSL fingerspelling alphabet (British, Australian and New Zealand sign languages group) to learn, and a surprise song performance by the Little Legends (Dobi Dragon, Bo Bunyip and Busta Bigfoot) in AR to sing along with them.

The book series is a fresh read, full of entertainment and is perfect for children between the ages of 3 and 7 years old. To access the augmented reality, Parents would download a free app that comes with books. They would then open a page with prompts that says open your augmented reality app. The Parent or child would then hold their smart device over a page creating an animation of the page on the screen of the smart device. The book also creates engagement between the children and parents. As they go along the journey with Dobi Goes On Holiday parents and children discuss their favorite holidays, and what they would take on holidays when they are prompted with the questions and the activities for the book.

Kathy also donates to facilities that help children in need when the books are purchased directly from the website https://www.littlelegend.me/Charities supported are Bear Cottage, “ they support children who are at the end of their lives, and have life-limiting conditions. They’re amazing.” The Starlight Foundation is also supported with book purchase, as they grant wishes for children.” Bowen, at the end of his life they looked after us. He was able to ride in a seaplane, it was probably about three months before he passed away. It was a beautiful memory that they provided.”

Kathy spoke out about how the book also relates to her childhood saying, “As a child, I was always fascinated by Walt Disney and Disneyland, and their animations and books. I would always draw as a child and think about how wonderful it would be to be an animator there. Today I am not an animator, however my career experience and learned skills, which are wide and varied, took me towards this journey to create this book series. I believe these books echo my childhood Disney fascination.”

BOJE Media also helps others build their dreams in creating augmented reality and content. For anyone looking to dive into this field, Kathy says “You need good communication and troubleshooting skills because there are many elements and personnel you need to organize. You also need to be multifaceted in your skill base – have good understanding or skills in graphics, 3D modeling, animation, coding and project management.”

K.M Young Little Legends and ME


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