Janelle Funari’s Funari New York: Embracing Eco-Couture at Paris Fashion Week


In the vibrant, ever-evolving realm of high fashion, Janelle Funari of Funari New York is a shining beacon who shatters expectations and convention. At the recent Paris Fashion Week, Funari made history by showcasing an entire runway collection that not only turned heads but also made a profound statement about sustainability and inclusivity.

Funari New York unveiled its Paris line at this esteemed event, stunning audiences with an array of luxurious outfits comprising lingerie, dresses, and jackets. What truly distinguished this collection was its deep commitment to eco-conscious fashion. Leveraging breathable, eco-friendly fibers, Funari created a unique concept known as “comfortable Eco-Couture.”

The ethos at the heart of Funari’s collections is empowerment, sexiness, confidence, and versatility. This season’s line exhibited flattering, feminine pieces interwoven with masculine flair, reminiscent of the retro 70s, showing a healthy reverence to historical fashion. The color palette, a captivating blend of both muted and vivid hues, included mustard, dusty pink, robin’s egg blue, teal, gold, and the always avant-garde shade of the Funari brand: black. Adding further aesthetic appeal, this season’s exclusive print featured a distorted hand-painted abstract artwork in teal and hot pink hues, accentuating the artistic essence of the collection.

Key styles within the collection include a unique fit and flare raincoat comprising unusual materials like laser-cut foiled lace and waterproof technology, along with vegan leather trench coats which were hand-painted by artist Jodi DeCrenza. Complementing this, stylish Palazzo-style pleated, vegan leather pants offer versatility and are available in many color options. Developed with wrinkle-resistant recycled techno fibers, these pants epitomize the blend of style and mindfulness. This season’s collection extends its range from comfortable corset styles paired with billowing ruffle skirts to floor-length and pencil skirts, ensuring diversity to match myriad fashion preferences.

In a surprising twist, this season Funari New York introduced a feminine, sexy, romantic, and slightly mysterious element to its collection. This unexpected element is set to transition seamlessly into their Spring collection and cross over to a new market. In line with Funari’s continuous commitment to inclusivity, the brand now even extends its fashion statements to the world of pets, adding a whimsical flair to its pragmatic and forward-thinking ethos. The brand confidently states its ethical stand in the fashion industry with its dedication to ethical manufacturing processes and a zero waste production management system.

Funari’s visionary approach to fashion is redefining high couture, presenting a model of fashion that is as thoughtful and inclusive as it is bold and stylish. It serves as a refreshing and much-needed statement reminding the fashion world that style and sustainability are not mutually exclusive but can coexist harmoniously.
As a powerhouse designer, Janelle Funari’s ethical, innovative, and strikingly beautiful collection not only places Funari New York at the forefront of the fashion industry but also paves the way for a more sustainable, inclusive, and diverse fashion future.

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Through its commitment to “comfortable Eco-Couture” and its fierce dedication to ethical practices, Janelle Funari’s Funari New York continues to astound industry movers, fashion enthusiasts, and eco-conscious consumers alike. In a world often filled with fast and fleeting trends, Funari New York illustrates that the future of fashion lies in sustainability, inclusivity, and authenticity.

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