Isabelle Bart: How Cancer Helped Create A Future For Businesses with Holistic Strategy

Isabelle Bart: How Cancer Helped Create A Future For Businesses with Holistic Strategy

by Siloam Lackey
Isabelle Bart


After surviving a year of Covid and breast cancer, Isabelle Bart realized there was no time to waste in life. Bart spent 22 years growing up in France and moved to the states to pursue an MBA. After graduating she obtained a corporate job in marketing within a healthcare environment. 


While working as a marketer Bart realized how much she enjoyed working with people who were trying to grow.


“I love working in an environment where the possibilities are endless, so you just have to be very strategic and focused about where you want to go.”


Isabelle Bart pursued a career with Revhub, becoming the company’s director.

Isabelle Bart

“I wanted to have more of an impact in philanthropy and entrepreneurship, to move into my current job at Revhub and do a lot of consulting in that field. That work enables me to bring my talent to them so they can succeed in building the wonderful company they are building. It’s the most fulfilling feeling I could ever have”.


Ironically, in 2020, Isabelle Bart, like most of the world, ran into a halt due to the pandemic. Not only did the pandemic slow down Bart’s vast growing environment, she was also faced with cancer.


“Last year, literally the week that covid really hit us and everyone was starting to stay home, I went for my annual mammogram, which was only my third ever. There was something there, after doing the biopsy and everything I was diagnosed with stage one breast cancer”.


“At first it was a big surprise, but now looking back at it, it was a wake up call to say life is short. We don’t know how much we have. We don’t know what can happen to us tomorrow.”


“From that point I said, I’m going to get up every morning and I know I will make a difference and put my energy into that, and always be great”.


“Going through cancer you realize some of the things taken for granted really aren’t the best for you. I had a comfortable job with a great team, but I knew the culture there wasn’t the best for me”.


With a fresh outlook on life and a plan, Isabelle Bart launched Holistic Strategy. Bart focuses on pushing entrepreneurs into the path of social entrepreneurship. Her goal is to help build the entrepreneur’s vision into a financially stable business by incorporating strategic planning and funding.


“I think our world is going to change, especially with the younger generation being more mindful of impact. We can all create companies that can create jobs, bring money and solve lasting world problems (housing, access to food, equity, etc.). We can live in abundance and have it all, versus having to constantly compromise. One of the things I do with entrepreneurs is show them the future of why they can have it all”.


“I really just encourage entrepreneurs to just try something, and if you fail no worries, and if you succeed wonderful”.


Unintentionally quoting Nike, Isabelle Bart says “just do it”.


For more details or to get involved with Holistic Strategy visit www.isabellebart.com

Or reach out through social media at  https://www.facebook.com/isabelle.bart.908 (Facebook), https://www.instagram.com/isaquamaid/  (Instagram), or  https://www.linkedin.com/in/isabellebart/ 


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