How to Heal Your Infertility Naturally

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The following article was written by Anne Menik for CEO in Her.

We have all been through good and bad times. For most of us, the good times outweigh the bad. For others, it seems as though we’re constantly struggling through bad times without any relief. Infertility was my struggle for a long time. But I managed to turn my life around. Now I feel grateful, grounded, and guided toward my purpose in life – to share my journey and help other women who are going through the same struggle.

Where It All Began

At the age of 24, I had my first ectopic pregnancy. For those who aren’t familiar with this term, an ectopic pregnancy occurs when a fertilized egg attaches to the fallopian tube, abdominal cavity, or cervix instead of the uterus lining to grow. It’s fairly rare, occurring in one out of every 50 pregnancies. When medical professionals discover an ectopic pregnancy, they recommend terminating it. These pregnancies are dangerous for the mother’s health and can destroy her ability to have children in the future. A number of factors and conditions can cause ectopic pregnancies, ranging from genetic abnormalities to inflammation to hormones or even medical conditions affecting the fallopian tubes and other reproductive organs.

My Journey

After my first ectopic pregnancy and a laparoscopy that went extremely poorly, I had seven surgeries. A laparoscopy is a typically low-risk, minimally invasive procedure used to examine the abdominal organs, however, it went horribly wrong, and I was forced to have a tubal ligation procedure, rendering me infertile. As you can imagine, this tragedy was earth-shattering for me. Like most women, I had always dreamed of having children. The news that I would never be able to have one naturally wrenched my heart out.

I experienced low, dark times in the following years that put me on a path of spiritual awakening. Deep sadness, shame, guilt, anger, disappointment, and pain assaulted me, and I hated myself and my body for being unable to have children. I suffered from depression, PTSD, and suicidal thoughts during these times.

My doctor told me that my body wouldn’t handle a pregnancy, but what the doctor didn’t tell me was that I was experiencing hormonal imbalance and inflammation that conventional medicine wouldn’t fix. So I went on a journey to heal myself naturally through alternative and natural medicine.

Natural Healing

Whether my hormonal imbalance, inflammation, and mental anguish caused my infertility or not, I knew my life mission was to spread awareness of natural healing to avoid fertility problems. Today, I help women heal themselves through diet, exercise, breathing, and spiritual alignment. No one should have to suffer like I did. The body, mind, and spirit are connected – what goes on in your mind manifests in the body in many ways like chronic pain, digestive issues, or fertility problems.

If you want to heal yourself from the inside out, please contact me directly. We can create a holistic treatment plan just for you. Balance your hormones, break through your pain, and connect to your soul’s purpose. As a result, you’ll experience true health and happiness for life.

Article written by Anne Menik. Follow Essential Anne at www.essentialanne.com for more on looking, loving, and living healthier. She can also be reached at info@essentialanne.com or on social media by clicking here.

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