How To Choose The Right Networking Events For Your Niche

networking event

Networking events can be an exciting thing, but if you’re not used to attending networking events, or you’ve become drained from not gaining traction from the events, we’ve discovered some ways to turn this all around.

Let’s start by identifying the value of the networking event that you are attending. One of the important things to clarify is the kind of industry the event will support.  For example, a musician trying to push their music brand may not be a good fit for a networking event hosted by Tech Crunch. Rather, the musician would be better off attending an event hosted by Coast 2 Coast live.

Why is this important? when attending a network event, entrepreneurs and business owners want to make sure they are engaging conversations with attendees that would enlighten them with new information in a familiar industry. A musician going to a tech event would only spark confusing conversations and no way of collaboration between other attendees for future promotion.

The purpose of a networking event is to gain relationships among attendees that one can connect with to share information across platforms.

Identify the goal of the event. Networking events can be structured for panel communication to an audience or social gatherings Typically, the network host will identify the purpose of the event when posting. Panel events will list the spokes person, or speakers. In opposition, a social event may mention having fun, activities, food, etc. Both events will allow social networking. However, at a paneled event the time of communication amongst attendees is reduced.

The importance of attending a paneled event is to gain knowledge from experts in your field and allow one the ability to introduce themselves to experts, ask questions, and share the adventure of the connection with each attendees audience. Social events are set up for attendees to enjoy each others present in a similar industry environment, while getting to know each person and gaining a more personal connection with other attendees. The important thing is to ask yourself if you are wanting to create more personal friendships with individuals in a similar niche or are you looking for an educator or mentor. Most entrepreneurs and business owners attend both kinds of events to create a great balance of personal friendship and continuing education in their field.

Free or not free, that is the question. Know when it is necessary for you to pay for an event or not to. Ask yourself how this event will help your business. Are you attending because there is an informative you want to learn from, or you need to familiarize with others in your industry? If you aren’t gaining insight, or connection it may not be worth your dollars.


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