Hottest New Black Owned Hair Business – Mo Length

Mo Length is “focused on helping women change their looks and make them happy”.

by Ivy June

Mo Length is an African-American woman owned company based in Los Angeles. The name is only fitting for an incredible hair extensions line that is “focused on helping women change their looks and make them happy” as the owner Mo put it to me. As women want to change their appearance, she helps them do that. 

It began in 2016 when she bought hair for a wedding. The hair she purchased happened to be so good her husband randomly suggested she sell.

She asked him, “Are you kidding me, sell it for what?” 

Mo was satisfied with life at that time and wasn’t sure about starting a business. Her supportive husband couldn’t let go of this idea that she could sell hair for a living and was bugging her for a month about it until she gave in. 

It started with friends and family as she let them know she was starting a new business venture. The business venture turned into a delivery service rather than online because people needed hair on demand. They offer 24 hour hair delivery which is a service most people don’t offer. Even if they get a call at 3am, they’ll get hair delivered to them between 30 minutes to a couple hours

Building from the ground up with no investors was not a problem. Mo Length began to expand by word of mouth. She began working with a lot of people in entertainment. Sometimes they would receive calls for people who needed hair the next day on set. Celebrities like Cardi B, City Girls, Doja Cat, and Ciara have all worn Mo Length hair. It was beginning to flow.

Soon Mo’s husband encouraged her to open up a location. They finally found one on La Brea and Wilshire and things were moving fast. She was also juggling a full time job and her sons who were three months old and 3 years old at the time. 

While things were moving forward in the most positive way, Mo fell into postpartum depression because of all the pressure. She couldn’t even drink wine or get her hair done because of the demands of her life at that time, “but I kept pushing and pushing, and leveraged working with different hairstylists to help promote the brand”. She felt like she lost herself for a brief time.

Nothing ever stopped her, and with the encouragement and assistance of her husband the business grew beyond her expectations. Now that her kids are a few years older as well she has a better handle on life in general.

Mo Length now carries men’s wigs for those who lose their hair or they can get braids depending on their preference. I asked her “ what makes your products unique?”

Mo replied, “Most popular hair is body wave because you can achieve any hairstyle desired with that texture depending on what tools you use to style the hair. You can lift it to 613 blonde. We do carry virgin hair which is different from the remy hair some people carry.”

The next big move is to grow out of state. There is a shortage of hair companies in Nevada so that’s the first state they’ll hit. 

I wanted to know what her advice is to mothers who are business owners and female entrepreneurs:

“You cannot give up, and be consistent! Regardless of what’s going on in your business.” She went on to say, “There were days where I was crying, but at the end of the day starting my business is the best decision I ever made.” She says only the strong survive and you have to keep pushing through no matter what. Take action and keep going. 

Mo Length now also has an e-commerce store as well as a cute store front on Melrose. 


IG @molength


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