Get Your Skin Glowing Again with Beauty Assassin Cosmetics

Glow up and tackle blemishes

by Ivy June

We were so excited to come across Beauty Assassin Cosmetics this past weekend at the Pre-Grammys Gifting Soiree. This Black-Owned business focuses on darker skinned beauties getting that smooth glow and having flawless skin.

It began with owner Kaylahn Jones wanting to improve her skin. To celebrities and other attendees who stopped by her table, she explained her skin journey and the desire to remove dark spots from acne, blackhead control, and most importantly work on skin pigmentation. 

Porscha Coleman spotted with Beauty Assassin
Amina Buddafly stopped by Beauty Assassin Table
Monet Anais with Beauty Assassin Owner

Jones is currently in school to become a dermatologist but wanted to start living her dream before graduating to help improve the skin of people using her own cosmetics line.

Melanin Skin:

Pigmentation issues are conditions that affect people who have a naturally dark complexion. These can include hyperpigmentation (dark patches of skin), hypopigmentation (lighter patches of skin), discoloration, and overall uneven skin tone.

Dark-skinned individuals can be prone to these conditions due to genetic predisposition or as a side effect from various medical treatments such as chemotherapy or radiation therapy. Sun exposure can also play a role in dark skin pigmentation issues, as UV rays can lead to dark spots and other darkening effects. Oftentimes, dark skin pigmentation issues can be managed through skincare treatment such as topical creams, photofacials, and laser treatments.

Get your skin right:

Improving skin pigmentation is a huge incentive. The focus for Jones is improving this issue for people naturally, for all skin types and complexions. All the products are naturally made to give you that healthy glow and attack those unwanted spots!

Check out @beauty.assassin.cosmetics and www.beautyassassincosmetics.com

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