Dropshipping During Coronavirus May Not Be Bad If You Do this

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Are you frightened that your business may fail if you continue or start dropshipping? Chances are it may fail. For many new and business owners who use dropshipping they may be bombarded with a span of emails asking “where is my item.” Unfortunately, the states have hit a whopping 3 million confirmed cases of covid 19, leaving a lot of employers including the mail industry without extra hands to help.

Not to mention, many of the products that are dropshipped are coming from China, in which already has delays considering the origin of covid 19.

Nevertheless, there are a few things that can be done to save your dropshipping business even if you are a beginner.

As families are aware of the delays, make sure to place a warning of shipping delays on your main page. The best way to alert clients is to have the warning displayed in a bright colored pop up box. Ensuring your pop up box does not disappear unless the client clicks the “X” will certify the expectations of mailing delays for products for both the owner and the client.

Secondly, reach out to your supplier to see if they have a warehouse based in the states, and if so you may be able to change your dropshipping to a silent pre order method. This means customers can purchase the items online and then you can manually order the item and have it shipped to the customers home. Using this technique would decrease shipping delays from country to country parcel and most wholesale distributors would be glad to do this as i would ensure  that they are making consistent cash flow as well in a timely manner.

Don’t stop your droopshipping business prior to speaking with your distributor for ways to work around the pandemic delays.

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