DR Denise Mose Is Self Discovering Blind Faith Fashionably

by Siloam Lackey

Dr. Denise Mose walks us through the fashionable life of self discovery through Blind Faith. The journey that led her to China and to the stars.

The CEO of DYM GLOBAL has trusted faith enough to lead her onto some of our favorite platforms such as ESSENCE, ESPN, TV One, NBC, New York Magazine, Bounce TV and more.

“My company is DYM GLOBAL, and it’s my baby. Everything is birthed from there. My books being published, celebrity assignments, and consultation services are all housed within my company. It’s one thing to work for somebody else, but when you are an entrepreneur, that’s the real investment. All of the efforts made come back to my pocket.”

The CEO is living by faith and helping others through her podcast, “Self-Discovery on Sundays w/ Dr. D” which airs internationally on iTunes, Spotify, and IHeartRadio.

Dr. Denise Mose spoke on what led her from being a Professional Educator to a Globetrotter by dropping everything and moving to China on faith in finding fulfillment.

“I taught for 14 years from kindergarten to college, teaching business, marketing, public speaking. I loved my career, but got to a point where I said, “Is there more than this”?

“A good friend of mine said, ” You might want to consider teaching abroad, places like: Paris, Italy, or China. The more I talked to her, it made sense to try this unique offer.”

Mose had a great Skype interview with Mr. Frank Sun, a Chinese College Administrator, and he didn’t hesitate to offer her a position as a Foreign Professor.

“I traveled to Beijing, Dubai, Hong Kong, Korea, Shanghai, Taiwan, and Thailand. I taught English, Business, Culture, Etiquette, Fashion and Beauty.”

Dr. Mose, an already award-winning author, shared her experience through her latest book “Blind Faith”.

Although Dr. Mose carries major accomplishments by faith, it didn’t all come easy.
Being an educator and working on the biggest Red Carpets as a Celebrity Correspondent in Entertainment is a roller-coaster lifestyle. Mose learned to say no to things that would stretch her too far.

“I’ve learned to say no to protect myself and like, not extending myself too much. That’s a hard thing for a lot of people. I cannot want your dream more than you do, right? Going to the red carpet sounds wonderful, and it is, but it’s work on the red carpet, and each red carpet is different. There is no love from other journalists, and it was not easy to get there. Having “earned my stripes” I’m now invited to attend these major red carpets. The reality is that, you have to compensate someone for what they’ve learned to do.”

Dr. Denise Mose stays driven in a high profile field by her faith and 11 year-old niece, Madison.

“I want to leave a legacy for my niece. The goal is to make sure that when I leave this planet my mark is still here.”

“I’d love to give her my company. I’m building a wealth legacy for my family.”

Needless to say, Dr. Mose is living in the right direction to do so.

Her success comes with faith, strong parents and writing it forward.

“You need to have on your wall somewhere a three month, six month, or one year plan. Do it and then hold yourself accountable. That’s kind of what my workbook is about. I have a dream guide, and in there, I have what’s called a Dream Partner that holds you accountable.”

Traveling, teaching, being in the high demand billion-dollar fashion and entertainment industry has not only been a dream leading Mose to the stars, but has also taught lessons.

“I wish I knew how difficult it really, really was going to be. Maybe I underestimated entertainment. To have achieved the Kentucky Derby for 10 years, one of my best assignments, or the Academy Awards the last two years ( which is extremely difficult to secure), and the Essence Music Festival for seven or eight years encompasses every major star in the world.”

Dr. Seuss’s “Oh, the places you’ll go” is one of her favorite books. There is a critical line that says, “

No, that’s not for you. Somehow you’ll escape all that waiting and staying. You’ll find the bright places where Boom Bands are playing.” That is where you want to be: The Boom Bands means everything is going in your favor.

If I had to give a quote, it would be those lines from from his most famous book”

Dr Denise Mose continues to quote and advise through her weekly column every Wednesday via the Florida Sun. To learn more about her, please visit the website:  www.Drdenisemose.com.

Check out her live interview on Roku at Business and Entrepreneur TV.

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