Doctor and Model: Dr. Elise Brisco Embraces Lifestyle for Wellness


Dr. Elise Brisco is launching an integrative health and vision care platform to help people use how they live as the foundation of their health care. Known for her steadfast dedication to promoting healthier lifestyles, Dr. Brisco’s latest venture aims to revolutionize the way people approach healthcare and vision care. Driven by her belief that lifestyle habits and personal choices significantly influence our health, Brisco’s platform provides a reliable source of health information and creates a supportive community for those invested in their well-being.

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Her new website and app aims to foster a network of individuals sincerely interested in health. It empowers them to take control of their health and not rely exclusively on medical professionals. The platform also takes a stand against the misinformation that often overruns the internet. To ensure the credibility and authenticity of its content, Dr. Brisco engages licensed healthcare practitioners as moderators for support and focus groups, ensuring the information shared within the community is entirely trustworthy and helpful.

While accurate and valuable information is a significant aspect of Dr. Brisco’s new platform, her vision extends beyond it. She endeavors to create a tribe of like-minded individuals who use lifestyle as their medicine, challenging the conventional healthcare paradigm. As a doctor who also strides the runway, Dr. Brisco courageously breaks stereotypes, showcasing the benefits of a balanced and healthy lifestyle despite the privacy and security challenges linked to her public presence.

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Personal experiences, including watching her mother and sibling recover from strokes, motivated Brisco to prioritize health. Recognizing the significant impact of lifestyle choices on overall health, she embarked on a nourishing path of self-improvement featuring regular exercise, healthy eating habits, and stress-relieving meditation. Today, these principles remain central to her approach to health, which she aims to share with her tribe.

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Although substantial lifestyle alterations can be daunting, Brisco firmly believes that everyone can seize control of their health by embracing change and orienting themselves toward improved well-being. Her journey, marked by numerous achievements like being crowned Ms. Woman California United States in 2021 and 2022, as well as securing the first runner-up at the Miss United States pageant and attaining success in the modeling industry, defies societal norms and demonstrates the power of self-care, dedication, and determination.

Despite her entrepreneurial pursuits, Brisco stays true to her medical roots. As a doctor and international fashion model, she sees the value of blending science and art, asserting that they contribute to each other and her overarching mission of promoting beauty through health. She activates people to think outside conventional lines and redefine their approach to healthcare by laying greater emphasis on self-care.

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Dr. Brisco aspires to change how people perceive vision care and overall wellness, enabling people to prioritize their well-being through informed decisions. Her commitment and advocacy, fueled by the inspiration drawn from her personal journey, inspire others to react positively to lifestyle changes.

Reflecting the spirit of her endeavor, her message is clear: “We’re forming a tribe of people who want to use lifestyle as their medicine. I’m really going to shake up the current status quo. It is the reason why I model, it’s like being a doctor on the runway. I’m showing people what a healthy lifestyle can result in. If I didn’t live the life that I do, being so much into self-care and self-love, I would not be able to model at my age.”

For more information about Dr. Elise Brisco and Envision Hyson Wellness, follow her on Instagram @HollywoodEyes, YouTube (Hollywood Eyes – Dr. Elise Brisco), Facebook (www.FaceBook.com/HollywoodEyesBrisco), TikTok (@hollywood.eyes), and LinkedIn (www.linkedin.com/in/dr-elise-brisco-od). She welcomes one and all into an evolution of vision care and health, driven by science, personal experience, and a sincere commitment to wellness.


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