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GIGI MODA is one of a kind brand under the talent and execution of Francine Wathelet who founded a business about her vision, her passion, and her love of accessible fashion. Her incredible success based on quality and good financial support for her crafters and team. Sustainability in fashion is becoming the new normal. And as the old way of doing things—particularly business practices that no longer work— She created a brand that setting a new standard for not only how we should live our lives, but also how we dress.

Belgium designer Francine Wathellet CEO and creator of GIGI MODA

Francine Wathelet loves Italian fashion, and everything is made of. She develop a brand that was affordable, but styled for the American consumer and made with European craftsmanship. She did not have a career in fashion before Gigi Moda. She started her fashion venture in the US with Gigi Moda in 2016 and in just a few years they were topping 2.5 million dollars in revenue.

Her clue managment and direction of the business is basic to the results in the company, she always sources high-quality fabrics and always employ designs that are modern and that flatter the body. Additionally, GIGI MODA offers product that can fit a lot of different-sized women; in other words, most of the garments are one size fits all.

She took the European craftsmanship route which is extremely important and Francine wanted to work with very knowledgeable artisans for this brand. Her angle of sustainable is that the brand employs very skilled artisans who bring traditional textile techniques and craftsmanship to the brand. I believe in fair wage, so they pay fair wages in Europe and the US to the workers.

Elegant, chic, classic comfortable and sophisticated
GIGI MODA look book

They have new styles of beautiful over sized linen jackets that you can wear to the beach. I love ruffles, and we recently did a photoshoot that demonstrated my love of ruffles and linen. It is very beautiful, and we believe our customers will be impressed.


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