Danielle Duran – The Marketing Guru

by Siloam Lackey

Danielle Duran is the true definition of someone who took their career and turned it into a brand. This C.E.O babe traded in her six-year experience in marketing with several major companies for a career of her own. She became the boss and C.E.O of Dualism Marketing.

“What made me walk away from my job was probably two things,” she expresses. Feeling like I could do things differently than the agency I worked at and do it better. They like to keep clients in the dark about a lot of the processes to maintain dependency on them; I don’t like that and try to be as transparent as possible. I wanted a more flexible schedule as I was planning to start a family soon.”

Congrats are in order for this boss babe — she is currently 8 months pregnant!

This boss doesn’t just market e-commerce; she personalizes her brand in a way to which she is able to focus on both her business and the important moments In life.

We’ve got the scoop on how Danielle makes her money moves and what inspires the C.E.O in Her:

Danielle’s marketing brand gives a one-stop process to small business owners who are looking to increase their digital abilities. She loves her career — it allows her to be creative without having to be the best drawer, painter, or craftsman…(craftswoman).

Danielle creates the art of concept for her clients, as she brings these ideas to her team who then makes the visuals come to life; however, it isn’t always easy. Danielle says the hardest part of her job is making sure that the concepts line up to the expectations of business owners — she typically over exceeds.

Meeting customer needs is not a one-time achievement; Danielle works extremely hard to ensure the overall results brings satisfaction to each and every customer.

The marketing business is a high demand career — no doubt.

Let’s be real, there are a lot of companies out there, but Danielle makes sure that her marketing firm is very transparent with business owners. Her angle is to bring a more personal concept to digital marketing, making the business owner more involved in ensuring satisfaction. The demand for digital marketing never ends but Danielle does not let that interrupt her personal life.

She manages by using timeframes and staying on top of her tasks. A healthy work-life balance is imperative for her and her growing family. Danielle Duran enjoys her career and stays motivated by seeing the satisfaction that she is able to bring to her clients.

This C.E.O Babe advises that if someone wants to get into the business of marketing, the best way is to get under someone who knows what they are doing and learn by experience. Danielle advises that one should start in entry-level marketing within a company and advancing within that department.

“Do not be afraid to ask for critiques from experienced co-workers on enhancing skills,” she mentions.

Maybe you could be the next Marketing Guru like Danielle!

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