Carlye Morgan creates a sophisticated watch bands that bring a touch of luxury to your wrist “CHALONNE”

by Thewoodpr

Hand-crafted by artisians in France with the finest leathers, gemstones, and solid gold.
Each elegant piece purchased helps support breast cancer research. Chalonne is the premier line of luxury, leather-based smartwatch bands for women. Each beautiful band is designed in Bel Air, California and hand-crafted in France by skilled artisans using masterful techniques. These impeccable bands aren’t just hand-made with care, they are made from materials utilized by only the most luxurious brands.

The notable purple color that lines each band was inspired by the Jacaranda trees that bloom each spring in Los Angeles, which serves as Carlye’s secret note to your wrist that the best-kept memories are made when one is rooted in the present moment.

These gorgeous bands are made to be easily switched, to adorn wrists for formal occasions or to add a touch of luxury to everyday looks.

Chalonne was named to honor the intersection of two locales: the iconic Chalon Road in Bel Air and the quaint French town of Chalonnes-sur-Loire. The symbolism of two paths crossing is beautifully incorporated and anchors each design with a sense of time and place.

At the heart of it all is our founder’s commitment to giving back and empowering women. Since day one, Chalonne has donated 4% of the purchase price for every band sold online to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. For more information about BCRF, visit www.bcrf.org.

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