Anne Menik – Essential Remedies For Women Over 40

by Siloam Lackey

Anne Menik better known as Essential Anne has the natural solutions to health, looks, and even love. Anne Menik started her purpose in 1994. She was fighting to mother her daughter while very ill. The determined mother had undergone eight different surgeries for infertility and digestive health issues. The sicknesses left her disabled. However, determined to raise her daughter Anne searched for more natural remedies of healing.

“The hardest part of my journey was not being able to take care of my daughter when I was in the hospital. Our health is really important, especially as moms. If we don’t take care of ourselves than who is going to take care of our children? She’s 22 now. I was ill for ten to twelve years. Most of her childhood I was not well. When I was going through my Yoga training and I was going through my health challenges she would come with me to practice Yoga. She was three years old. She was with me through medication, she would go to the centers. I taught her how to take care of herself, and eat well. Now that she is in college it’s more about anxiety and stress, focus and concentration.

Through my experience, I’ve helped her with her now colleges experience and how to deal with stress naturally and deal with anxiety naturally. All those things plays into raising her into an adult now. Again it all goes back to feeling better, looking better, and loving better. Those are the main things I focus on. It starts with me and my family first.”

Similar to most Americans, Anne started out taking the drugs and prescriptions doctors recommended. Fortunately, one day she decided she no longer wanted to live full of prescriptions but rather to live full of natural health and happiness.

“Self care is an act of self love”

Anne’s most profound part of being a wellness educator is connecting with people and being able to listen to their journey’s and transform their lives o live a natural healthy lifestyle.

“To see that transition and transformation is exhilarating, exciting and fulfilling for me.”

So, what is the hardest part of being a wellness educator?

I guess the hardest part is seeing that people are not willing to take that first step to better health. Ummm, it’s painful to see that their in pain and suffering and that they are not ready or open or willing to take that first step. Of course it’s up to them to take that first step. It’s just heartbreaking to see that they are in so much pain and suffering. Just taking that one step and breaking out of their comfort zone is really challenging. I know natural health can help them and heal them if they are open and willing. It’s just fear, just basic fear.”

Essential Anne is not like others in her field, because of her personal experience and health journey. Anne has lived on an
Island her entire life. Her natural roots are that of a healthy lifestyle. The Island life is much simpler she says. Anne’s trademark is the hibiscus flower as a symbol of natural life, feeling, loving, and looking better. Anne speaks specifically to her journey in order to help others who are looking for personal experienced wellness educators.

Anne is currently connecting to a company called Altera, working on many global initiatives with the medical health care system to shift the medical industry into a more integrative lifestyle. The mission is to balance natural and Western medicines.

“I currently do teach and speak around the country to reach more people on a global level. Especially, women concerning hormones. I specialize in two things, digestive health and hormone balance. Those two things strike me as two of the most important things for women. Women over 40, I specialize and work directly with them. That is something that also makes me different. They are misdiagnosed all the time for depression and other illness. Particularly auto immune diseases too which is connected to digestive health.”

Anne says there is a lack of education, and it is important to make sure that wellness teachers are educated with the proper knowledge and information before anyone practices and teaches. It is important to take care of yourself first before you take care of others.

“Heal yourself first before you heal others. Primarily even for Doctors or anyone in the service industry or in the healthcare system.”

Anne is currently mentoring people who wan to go into Yoga and natural health. Her best advice is to experience everything natural.

“Whatever you resign-ate with, and whatever your soul feels go with it. But it will take time, because every person and everybody is different. Anyone who wants to come to natural health, make sure you are the example of natural health to your customers and that you are walking the walk and talking the talk.”

What advice does Anne give other in business?

” So, I’m going to speak in particularly to women. A lot of women come to me for advice, and I would say don’t take things to personal. Women take things personally and emotionally, so detach yourself from business and personal. Business is business, personal is totally separate. As women we need to feel confident, powerful, and confidence says a lot about a women. Being clear is really important. Most women don’t know what they want.  Be clear of what you want. Be goal oriented, writing your goals and then implementing that and actually taking action.”


Q: What are some of the Things you wish you knew before starting in your Industry?


“Ummm, I would say (small laugh) not taking things personally. I would say that’s what I did. That’s my experience. If people don’t show up for your class, too bad. It is o.k. It’s not you, it’s not about you. Also, being patient. It’s going to take time. I love affirmations. Louise Hay, I’ve read all of her books, especially “Heal Your Life”. It was the first book I read when I started my journey. It all boils down to self love.  If I would of done that earlier or sooner I think in my twenties I believe that I would of healed sooner quicker. I maybe wouldn’t have gone through some of the painful experiences I had gone through emotionally. If would have learned to love myself and feel good about myself at an earlier age, then I would of alleviated some of the pain and suffering; But I also believe that pain and suffering can be our greatest teacher.” 

Follow Essential Anne at www.essentialanne.com for more on looking, loving, and living healthier. She can also be reached at info@essentialanne.com  

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