Annabelle Kajbaf is the top fashion journalist of her time

by Thewoodpr
“My work at the Associated Press in London back from 2013 to 2016 really helped me understand the business of fashion.”
— Annabelle Kajbaf
Annabelle had been a Fashion journalist for the past decade, and recently Harper’s Bazaar portrait her as one of the new icons in the fashion industry. She has been specializing in innovative fashion and social impact since 2013. Her academy background comes from The Sorbonne University in Paris and also she graduated from Paris CFJ Journalism school. Currently she is located in Los Angeles, Ca.
Annabelle Kajbaf has worked as a Sustainable Fashion Journalist throughout the world from Paris, to Bangkok, Tel Aviv, London and Los Angeles.
Her works have been published at the Associated Press, The Guardian, Buzzfeed, NPR, Monocle, Harper Bazaar’s Vietnam, Cosmopolitan Bulgaria and Glamour Magazine Bulgaria. She is currently a press correspondent for France’s biggest publisher Bayard Presse. Most recently in Harper’s Bazaar.
Annabelle also has been invited as a guest journalist and a conference speaker, in previous years, from General Assembly in London to the FIT New York, Passages in Phoenix, Talent Land in Mexico, Lund University in Sweden and has been invited to speak at numerous events at the NYFW. She is now a leader in the sustainable fashion media industry .
Spotted by Elle France and Grazia France, Annabelle’s broad network has inspired her to start a journalism career, focusing on social impact and fashion. She worked at Fashion Network in Paris as a social media manager and has been doing fashion journalism for more than 10 years.

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