If you aren’t privy to the importance of automated marketing, you must have been hiding under a rock…a big one.

It’s not uncommon to find an entrepreneur that wants to control everything within their company. This is the leading cause of burnout with entrepreneurs – not being able to automate their processes. Marketing is one area of the business that, if implemented correctly, can rope your prospects in with while you’re sleeping or lying on a beach.

Here are four benefits that a good automated marketing campaign can reap for you.

Identify Your Cash Cows

Spending money on ads that don’t deliver isn’t something that any business should be throwing money away on. This is why having an analytics dashboard that shows exactly where your marketing efforts are succeeding is a significant perk of marketing-automation software.

When you have automated marketing in place, you should be able to track all the data that comes from your individual efforts. Your software lets you check each landing page, form, and ads to determine what’s working and what isn’t.

Automation allows you to leverage digital integrations and analytics, which can help you avoid wasting both time and money.

Turn “window-shoppers” into solid leads. Transforming site visitors into leads

Every one of your website visitors is a potential lead. Think about it – the main goal of your site is to convert those visitors into your leads.

An excellent automated marketing strategy will have something to capture your visitors’ email addresses. This is your lead capture, whether it’s a newsletter enrollment, an offer for a free download, or a call to action.

A functional CRM will collect this information and segment it into campaigns based on their browsing and download activity. Figure this out and everything is 10x easier.

Keep in Touch with Your Leads

Face it – as an entrepreneur, you are busy. You don’t have much time to follow-up, although you are fully aware of the importance of a good follow up. An excellent automated marketing system will automate this for you. Whether it’s setting up alerts or automatically reaching out to them, even the most basic marketing software should keep you abreast of what your leads are doing and ensuring that they aren’t lost in your crazy world of “entrepreneur”-ing.

Simplify your Campaigns

You want to keep in touch with people who’ve bought your product by way of segmented lists. The right automated marketing system will automate your email muscle. Combine this with a reliable copywriter, and your campaigns are on auto-pilot.

Staying relevant is critical in business and a good email campaign will assure that you continue to gain visibility.

Remember, you don’t have to do everything in your business. If you’re looking to a way to implement automation, there is no better place to start then with the communication of your leads. Keep this relationship stable, and your conversion will skyrocket.

Photo by LinkedIn Sales Navigator on Unsplash

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