3 Top Tips for Remote Work Fashion

woman remote work fashion

Over the past year or so, remote work has become a much more popular norm for many industries. We went from commuting to the office every day to spending 40 hours per week on the couch with our laptops. With this change came confusion: how should we dress every day? You probably don’t want to dress as formally as you would at the office, but you still want to look professional for those video calls, coffee shop visits, and errands. What’s one to do? These are our 3 top tips for remote work fashion.

1. Keep it classy on top.

Enhancing your remote work fashion is simple when you focus on your shirt in many different ways – a sweater, blouse, or even button-up can do the job. Patterns and texture can be striking, but a classic solid works best on camera.

2. Stay cohesive.

Okay, you might be thinking that no one will know what you’re wearing on the bottom while working from home, sweats are a no-brainer, right? We don’t think so. The concept of “look good, feel good” always holds true, and you deserve to feel good! Make sure that your work-from-home look is cohesive, whether that means dress pants or not. Comfortable yet professional options like black leggings, dark-wash jeans, or slacks abound these days. Any of these are a great choice.

3. Always add accessories.

You may adore jewelry, or maybe you’re a lover of hair accessories. Whatever it may be, add some personality by accessorizing. Elevate your remote work fashion look with these simple additions, and you’ll feel more professional even if you are on the couch.

Staying in pajamas all day can be nice, but it’s not the ideal remote work look, and it actually could make you less productive. If you’re working from home, this is a great time to refine your style and experiment with different workwear looks. What’s your favorite remote work fashion?

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