3 Practices for Work-Life Balance

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Everything in life is about balance, or so it seems. The same holds true for the dynamic between your work and home life, but balancing these is easier said than done. No question – both our job and our personal life are immensely important! So how do we do it? How do we balance two aspects of our lives that demand endless time and attention? Here’s where to start – have boundaries at home, rest up, and stay focused at work.

Create Clear Boundaries at Home

The key part of creating boundaries and sticking to them is clearly defining them. Decide what your parameters are and ensure that they’re measurable. For example, you could lay a boundary that you stop checking your email once the clock hits five. These boundaries should be specific to you and your life and allow you to give your personal life the attention it deserves.

Get Rest!

Another essential habit to aid balance is to get your rest! This one isn’t exactly groundbreaking, but it will help you balance your work and home lives. Get enough sleep. Schedule some downtime where you can engage in hobbies that relieve stress or spend time with people who buoy your spirit. When you’re well-rested, you’re able to be present where you are, and both worlds will benefit.

Stay Focused at Work

Just like you must protect your personal hours with boundaries, do the same you’re your job. Don’t neglect the need to prioritize your job. When you’re at work or during working hours, really focus. Don’t surf the web and don’t text your friends and family. Emergencies are an exception, but otherwise, leave your personal life outside of your workplace.


Work-life balance is a skill you practice, not perfect. If your work and home life feel out of whack, you’re not alone – simply incorporate boundaries, rest, and focus, and everything will all balance out.

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